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​In the “done deal” case where erstwhile Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes was placed on the senatorial carpet by Jinggoy Estrada and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, it should not be difficult to establish at least his tacit participation in former AFP Comptroller Gen. Carlos Garcia’s alleged heist of over P300 M worth of State assets. An audit can trace the assets that started from the comptroller’s official custody and ended somewhere beyond an unauthorized exit door.

​In the comptrollership over government resources, responsibility is never vested in only one functionary. Subordinates are called upon to participate in the comptrollership process, and higher authorities are enjoined to supervise, approve, confirm or note all transactions relative to the assets. The senate’s investigation should likewise include all the 5 Generals who alternately served as Chief of Staff during the entire comptrollership tenure of Garcia.

​It taxes even an idiot’s mind to suppose a comptroller’s larceny this humungous has benefitted only one person. State auditor Heidi Mendoza’s recent revelation she had received a call from the “Palace” warning her to slow down on Garcia leaves no room for doubt a very powerful person did not wish to be implicated, thereby creating the supreme horror that the higher the rank is, the grislier than a carnap-murder of the current variety the plunder gets to be.

​The notion of power striking out from unseen hands raises fears that Garcia may have permanently vanished. Remember Bedol, Mahusay, Sollano and some 70 military personnel behind the Hello Garci scandal, to name just a few? They are all gone.

​I’m sorry for being incurably biased against Gloria Arroyo and her lackey Angie Reyes who, as the double-crossing AFP Chief of Staff of then President Joseph Estrada, triggered an unconstitutional withdrawal of military support from Estrada to catapult her to the presidency, and whose wife has yet to account for a lavish lifestyle, as reflected on her passports burgeoning with over forty foreign travels.

​I am morally certain Gloria Arroyo benefitted from the subject plunder, even if nobody saw her hand thrust in the cookie jar. Again, it is not true that what is not seen is not there, for if this were so Satan would be non-existent.

​The general public, let alone lawyers, denounce the way the facts, the law and the evidence have been manipulated to secure every possible justification for the plea bargain. Sadly, in the practice of law moral considerations are sometimes set aside for irresistible reasons. It’s one thing to see fierce polemics between two barristers, but quite another thing to see the judge taking the side of one to smother the other.

​To non-lawyers, the otherwise smart interpreters of the plea bargain present condescending gobbledygook that it was the best way to protect the State’s assets in question. It’s just downright insulting to a dog’s intelligence that we are being made to happily accept a restitution of less than half of what’s been stolen from us by an akyat bahay gang, provided we allow them to plead guilty to the lesser offense of trespass to dwelling, and get his family off the hook.

​The senate’s search for the truth will surely end with nothing more than as a basis for curative legislation—unless St. Michael the Archangel comes down with his sword unsheathed. I reckon not even the prospects of permanent alienation by their friends and relatives will make them see reason. If this abhorrent story of plunder cum plea bargain ends up joyfully ever after for Reyes, Garcia and all those providing them shelter, it will be just another confirmation we are cursed for having allowed a gnome to push us around for ten years.


​Poverty, like money, is the root of all evil. It’s the spawning ground of crime, illiteracy, broken homes, violence—anything that can make you feel like not wishing to see a sunrise anymore. Ever thought it possible that within the tenure of P-Noy, an end to all these horrors is realizable?

​Ever imagined the bonanza in our lives if the political landscape were to be so changed as to fully restore the sovereign power in our hands? Ever dreamt we may not wait too long to see our motherland regain her competitive footing in the Asean Region of self-sufficient economies?

​A project study awaits completion between a foreign company and a local group which will enable our regular payments for electrical consumption to plunge to as low as 30%. Hmm, we could yet be standing on the threshold of an eco-socio-political renaissance. Will this worry the Americans? Absolutely. But we’ll see if they can offer us a better deal.

​Speaking of deals, is there one between P-Noy and Gloria Arroyo that will explain why Sixto Brilliantes, the 2004 Elections lawyer of the Ampatuans, was appointed Chairman of the Commission on Elections?

(Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517)

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