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CCM questions automation

CCM questions automation

Ronald Roy

Speaking through one of its conveners, Prof. Harry L. Roque Jr., the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) “welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court en banc to give due course to its Petition against the Comelec and TIM-Smartmatic and to schedule oral arguments on July 29, 2009. Admittedly, CCM would have been happier had the Court issued a TRO. It is satisfied though with the Order because it means that the Court is seriously studying the allegations in the Petition against what we see as a probable failure of the 2010 elections.

“CCM now calls upon the Comelec and TIM-Smartmatic to respect the rule of law, and the Supreme Court as an institution, by desisting from any and all acts that may moot the issues it has raised. Specifically, CCM asks the Comelec to desist from paying any taxpayers money to TIM-Smartmatic out of respect to the Supreme Court that has already taken cognizance of the matter, and to avoid a repeat of the Megapacific tragedy where the earlier attempt to automate was nullified by the Court, with the effect of CCM being unable to recover even a single peso of taxpayers money paid on a contract that was adjudged void ab initio. In any case, the Court itself in a long line of rulings has issued guidance on how the Comelec and TIM-Smartmatic should proceed:

‘Therefore, out of respect and courtesy for the Higher Court, the Lower Court should have suspended pending proceedings in the elevated case, as even without a restraining order the Lower Court has lost jurisdiction to further act on the case (Eternal Gardens vs. Court of Appeals, GR NO. L-50054, Aug. 17, 1988)’

“CCM reiterates that unless the TIM-Smatmatic system is piloted according to law, what faces the nation is a probable failure of the 2010 elections—in which case the cost to taxpayers may not only be the enormous cost of the system at 7 billion pesos, but also the worse consequence of our democracy being imperiled. CCM dreads the thought of an automated failure of elections next year if only because it raises the specter of an extension of the President’s term, if not an outright Gloria-forever scenario.”

Mr. Jose Melo accepted the Comelec chair with his head held high, proud of an unsullied public service reputation for competence and honesty. On the threshold of the automated 2010 general elections, voters now hold their breath in anticipation of what could be a breakaway from chronic will-thwarting polls of the past. But they could be in for a surprise.

Already, Mr. Melo is seen by some IT specialists as incompetent or dishonest, or both. There are two opposite automation models in the premises. One is the Open Election System that abides by the democratic norm of private voting and public counting, and the other is the TIM-Smartmatic model that perniciously opens the door to public voting and private counting. If Mr. Melo cannot distinguish between the two models, he is incompetent, at least to the extent he listens to the wrong advice from so-called IT experts. If he grasps the distinctions but still favors the TIM-Smartmatic module, then he may be condemned as a traitor to his country.

* * *

For resisting, eleven-year-old St. Maria Gorretti was stabbed to death by a young man who tried to rape her. She did not interfere with the workings of the justice system. Instead, she forgave him and prayed hard for his conversion. As a result, the man admitted his wrongdoing to the authorities and proceeded to live a holy life during and after his imprisonment.

Are Eugenio Vagni and Sen. Dick Gordon messing with our justice system? Absolutely. Forgiving common criminals, like the Abu Sayyaf who seem to have a natural passion for terrorizing and beheading innocent victims, is one saintly act of mercy; but quite devilishly opposite this is their endorsement of amnesty for these scum of the earth. Well, we can forgive the Italian Vagni for not knowing any better, but not Gordon whose over-eagerness has caused him to miscalculate his dreams for the presidency.

* * *

One real issue, Marlon (Fabros), is that it’s taken Gloria Arroyo thirteen months to sit on the Cheaper Medicines Act with nary a care for the ailing and dying poor. 13 months! No matter how this delay may have been defended, 13 months is gut-wrenching proof that corruption, again, has reared its ugly head in the Arroyo administration.

It is heartless and ruthless of this spurious President to now even plan her coming SONA as the occasion for dramatically announcing she has signed the executive order. Behold the standing ovation! Bida na naman siya! Expect as well a new record on the number of applauses interrupting her speech!

(Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517, landline # (02)7106701)

Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivarez

Publisher and editor-in-chief

Dear Ninez,

For your consideration, please.


Ronnie (Roy)

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