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Breakin Bread With Lucifer

Breaking Bread with Lucifer
Ronald Roy
Here are some salient features of my interaction with readers. I am pleased that my last article entitled “Torch at the center” stirred interest at a level beyond my expectations. As of this writing, queries continue to pour in—a situation that hopefully leads to greater enlightenment on how we can participate in the presumptive President-elect’s monumental task of one: washing off the putrid mess left by the outgoing regime, and two: installing an honest and competent administration responsive to the people’s need for a better life. But first, the political spectrum.
The word spectrum has no less than three scientific definitions. For our purposes, let’s just say our political spectrum is a monochromatic range of five rainbow colors laid out from left to right, to wit: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. By the way, it is coincidental that the foregoing shades I’ve chosen were the identification hues used by the major political parties engaged in the just concluded May 10 elections.
The yellow center represents the three branches of government headed by the president and surrounded by elements supporting the chief executive. Thus, the greater the number of supporters for the incoming administration of Noynoy Aquino, the greater his popularity, and vice versa. This explains why Gloria Arroyo and her minions are now practically alone at the center, her popularity having inexorably waned throughout her ten-year stay in the presidency.
Indeed, by now GMA’s administration has been forsaken by substantial numbers of her allies and followers who have fled the center for its left and right flanks. This is what happens to a leader—let alone one who has unconstitutionally grabbed the centrist power—who is perceived to have abused that power with impunity, and with an appetite so ravenous that appeasement of a national outrage would seem impossible.
The oranges are mostly the have-nots of society, or the less fortunate, led by critical left-of-center literati with whom the leader should keep open avenues of dialogue for redressing their grievances. At the spectrum’s extreme left are the reds composed of Maoist rebels of who are primed to overthrow the government, and the Muslim secessionists from Mindanao who are hell-bent determined to dismember the Republic so they can establish their own. On the other side are the right-of-center greens representing the halves, or the affluent, whom the leader must likewise support so they can more aggressively develop and expand the economy, producing and manufacturing affordable economic goods and, beyond that, blazing the hi-tech trail to keep pace with the rest of the world.
At the extreme right are the blues—retired and active military and police elements who have clandestinely organized themselves to operate outside of the ambit of the law and without the authority of the commander-in-chief. Their raison d’être: To save the Republic from a floundering government. Note that all leftist and rightist extremists are cause-oriented, i.e., motivated by what they believe to be the best for the country, and that all other armed groups are plain criminal gangs. Both extremes would wish to see the new president capable of measuring up to his oath of office.
After Noynoy is sworn in at the Luneta grandstand, expect explosions of euphoria to reverberate across the land. Expect everybody but everybody to rush, or rush back, to the center—their hopes and dreams renewed—along with job-seekers, balimbings, self-seeking opportunists, cheats, marauders and other elements of ill will. Let this day of great rejoicing remind bad rulers that euphoria is inversely proportionate to their unpopularity, such that unrestrained euphoria can only suggest they wantonly abused their power, and I’ll bet Gloria Arroyo does not even flinch at the thought!
Bleak is a benign adjective for our future, given just these two factors: the burgeoning foreign debt payments and the surging tsunami of more taxes. I hope I’m wrong—unless God has taken a vacation—but it will not be hunky-dory for the next six years. The past decade was harsh, but harsher times lie ahead. We cannot re-learn the good old moral values overnight—we’re in too deep in the quagmire—no matter the blessings we can always count as good Christians. It will take a whole generation to reap the fruits of a cultural revolution. Gloria Arroyo’s successor must therefore immediately launch this revolution.
A six-year term is utterly delimiting. In any event, history may yet confer performance honors on successor apparent Benigno Aquino III if he can observe four fundamental precepts of leadership, one: acknowledging he is but a public servant of Juan dela Cruz, two: setting the example of rectitude and fingers-to-the-bone industriousness, three: punishing within the justice system those who do not follow that example, and four: turning down the misguided advice to forgive and reconcile with Rep. Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts. You do not shake hands and break bread with demons.
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