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Ronald Roy — July 17, 2014

Nothing hurts more opprobriously than a fall from grace by reason of one’s own arrogance. This is not a warning from me to Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll. This is a statement from Fate looking him straight in the eye. Last week, during his “chat” with his bosses on national television, it wasn’t like his bumptious public mistreatment of a chief justice three years ago; it was sheer defiance against the honorable Supreme Court itself. But this shouldn’t be shocking at all, because Aquino would not be in his element if he were a humble, dignified and stately president.
I had earlier correctly predicted that — instead of quietly following the usual process of filing a motion for the high court’s reconsideration of its 13-0 declaration of the DAP as unconstitutional — he would do just the opposite: whip up pomp and fanfare by going on national television to make sumbong to his “bosses” what he implicitly called the Tribunal’s ignorance of the law and its disregard for their welfare.
By doing so, he intrigued between the citizenry and the Supreme Court, thereby throwing the country in the throes of a constitutional crisis. No, this is not the man’s usual disdain for those who oppose him. This is his tyrannical nature, its ugly head popping out from under his hypocritical daang matuwid mantra. For, by hurling veiled threats at a co-equal branch, he announced his readiness to aggravate the imbalance of power the executive department has been enjoying since time in memoria.
His advisers had hoped that his righteous-path persona and trademark “microphone charisma” would prove that the magistrates, who are supposed to be erudite and fair, are actually unfit public servants for having rendered a benighted and unjust judgment, and that they therefore face the prospects of impeachment and removal from office. But most of his listeners and viewers say he should stop excoriating the Court and instead explain why with all that DAP money there is even less food on the table nowadays.
Then perhaps impeachment is not even a veiled threat but a promise, given his oppressive nature and control of both houses, not to mention the open support from higher-office dreamers, Sen. Chiz Escudero and Sen. Sonny Trillianes, and other sycophants who had urged the president to explain on national television that the DAP was not like the graft-ridden PDAF, and to stress that legislators had not lined their pockets with DAP funds.
Heheheh…nice try, guys…but sorry, DBM’s records show that the executive branch had set aside 17.585 B pesos in DAP funds for projects “requested by legislators”. Hmmm…hiding anything?! Mabuti pa di na kayo umimik. Now you must prove how each peso of DAP handouts was spent; your constituents demand nothing less! Hey, cheer up guys, ’cause it isn’t the end of your world yet, if COA’s barging in means anything. Yup, it’s that corruption-infested Commission on Audit headed by the president’s lackey, Maria Grace Pulido-Tan, who allegedly received an order last July 15 to investigate the Judicial Fund to blackmail — what else? — the justices into granting his Motion for Reconsideration!
Can you believe that, Atty. Roy? Yes I can, Cheryl (Buenavista). He’s a demented political player who wont be intimidated even by a popular uprising. But let’s remain optimistic that our magistrates are of the finest blend of competence, probity, impartiality and independence. I, for one, do not believe they will buckle under presidential coercion. I, like law students worth their salt, believe that the Law will prevail in the following four instances. One:The president’s Motion for Reconsideration will be denied.
Two: A provision of the Administrative Code, which was enacted during Pres. Cory’s revolutionary government operating under her Freedom Constitution, and purporting to empower the executive department to perform those very same DAP activities that the Court recently thumbed down, will likewise be ruled unconstitutional. Parenthetically, the said provision was intended to maximize Cory’s revolutionary power which she felt would give her the needed elbow room in dealing with problems spawned by martial law — a situation that no longer exists, however.
Three: Under the alter ego doctrine, DBM Sec. Abad’s unlawful official acts in relation to the PDAF and the DAP are deemed to be President Noynoy’s as well, meaning: they both will go to jail.
Four: They, along with other government officials, will also go to jail for Technical Malversation. The Supreme Court’s ruling is enlightening in Parungao vs. Sandiganbayan and People of the Philippines (G.R. No. 96025) as it stresses that: even if a sum of public money is accounted for and is shown to have been used for the public good, Technical Malversation is committed if the same was used for a purpose other than what was intended.


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