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Give peace a chance?

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Give peace a chance?
Ronald Roy — Feb. 10, 2015

The blistering national preoccupation is focused on two issues, namely: the constitutionality of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in toto or of certain parts thereof, and the search for truth about the Mamasapano slaughter of 44 PNP’s Special Action Force commandos with a view for pinpointing accountability. The preoccupation is like a canine mongrel barking up the wrong tree because 1) the question of the BBL’s constitutionality is irrelevant, and 2) prevailing circumstances suggest a whitewash.
As in the sense of “legal not necessarily being moral”, what is constitutional is not necessarily in the best interest of P-Noy’s bosses. Give peace a chance? We’ve been exhorting that through countless decades of patience, not to mention frustration and despair, over the MILF secessionists’ natural proclivity for deception, double cross, treachery, murder, robbery, arson, kidnap for ransom and barbaric manner of combat (against Christians especially) in violation of the UN’s norms and rules of engagement, and last but not least: their links with terrorist groups like their former comrades in arms, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), Abu Sayaf, Jemaah Islamiyah, al-Qaida, and perhaps ISIS.
Give peace a chance? You give these renegades a finger, they’ll get your hand, then your arm, and so on. A BBL provision programs a creeping territorial expansion of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) from its present small size to as much as…hold your breath… 10% of the national territory, including choice areas like…hold your breath again…Palawan.
Not only that. The envisioned Moro substate will get an annual internal revenue allotment of around P32 billion, a 75% share in the profits derived from all mining operations, and a mind-blowing share of the agricultural produce from Luzon and the Visayas. They’ll also get to own their own flag and anthem, their own Comelec, Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman’s Office, Commission on Audit, a representation in each of our cabinet departments and a Police network, among other inequitable provisions. And we’re promised they will not be a separate republic but a mere “substate”, whatever that means.
These nomads have been trouble makers since time immemorial. They disdain working their lands, and their only means of livelihood is selling what they get from the sea like pearls and corals — which is why they’re underdeveloped compared to the Christian families in Mindanao. Incidentally, 80 % of Mindanao’s population is Christian, 20% Muslim, and only 1/4 of this 20%, or a minuscule 5% of the whole, are the quarrelsome MILF secessionists and their growing bandwagon of converts.
It’s a minuscule lot, indeed, that has us at the end of the barrel of their gun at the peace talks table, where we’re told that they’ll stop making trouble for us if we give them what they want! And this tiny group intends to succeed under the aegis of America, Malaysia, the OIC and their motley supporters around the Muslim world! This interloping aegis has given them virtual control over our socio-political life, and chiefly accountable for this capitulation are the traitor by the Pasig River and the Moro-loving peace panelists whom he assembled to represent us, kuno!
Well, methinks what we have isn’t a peace panel but a sell-out panel. A backgrounder on Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, chief negotiator Teresita Deles and Miriam Colonel-Ferrer, should confirm their pro-secession leanings.
Here’s one little story. MILF Commander Wahid Tundok continues to deny witness accounts of his unit’s participation in the Mamasapano butchery. He had successfully eluded arrest warrants in the past for murder, robbery and arson until he was finally caught and held for preliminary investigation in 2012. Guess what. He was released on representations of Teresita Deles!
Indeed, extremely disturbing is this palpable love relationship between P-Noy and the Muslim country of Malaysia, a bond that goes all the way back to the adventurous days of his father. It was Ninoy Aquino who prevented Ferdinand Marcos from prosecuting our country’s claim over Sabah, then years later made a stopover in Malaysia for advice while on his way back from exile.
Then, three years ago, it was his son P-Noy who rang the death knell on the claim when he castigated Sultan Kiram and his heirs in a manner bereft of civility and of the Filipino trait of compassion for the lost and abandoned, indeed of a commander-in-chief’s grief over 44 policemen who died for their country on his orders.
Sadly, P-Noy could be afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome, as suggested in his recent statement on national television whereby he took full responsibility for the Mamasapano carnage but praised to high heavens his buddy Alan Purisima. [The syndrome is a rare and relatively mild autistic disorder, characterized by awkwardness in social interaction, pedantry in speech, and preoccupation with very narrow interests, like cars, computer games and guns.] Give peace a chance? On his and/or MILF’s terms? Why not on the people’s terms?


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