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Death Trap

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Death Trap
Ronald Roy — Jan. 30, 2015

It sucks and shocks one out of all but one of his senses: the common sense to see the obvious fact that it was not a mis-encounter as President Aquino would have us believe. “Mis-encounter!” — the term implies an unintended clash between two friendly forces — was the knee-jerk reaction to the carnage by Pres. Benigno B.S. Aquino lll and MILF Chairman Murad Ibrahim, and their position has not changed since.
But that’s to be expected because both men wish to portray the PH government and the MILF-BIFF Camp (MBC) to be standing on “friendly terms”, both wanting to be seen as interested in concluding a so-called lasting peace deal, but in actuality pursuing separate hidden agendas: on the part of P-Noy, to crown his ego with a Nobel Peace Prize, then on the part of Murad, to create a Bangsamoro Republic ala Kosovo, East Timor and Crimea. However, several facts belie their joint claim of a mis-encounter and, necessarily, the existence of an authentic truce occasioned by the legislature’s consideration of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Clashing cultures close all avenues to peace, indeed!
First of all, it made sense for the PNP’s Special Action Force to have set out to arrest two known international terrorists without need to coordinate with their suspected harborer, the MBC. Secondly, given that Mamasapano, Maguindanao, the town were 44 policemen were butchered, is a veritable death trap where suspicious-looking elements would be quickly violently dealt with, it made sense for a crack 400-strong SAF unit to carry out their mission at the dead of night at 3:00 AM.
The arrest mission, labeled by police and military authorities, current and retired, as “major and dangerous”, was led by the decorated Geturio Napeñas, SAF Commanding General. Barely three days after the slaughter, and amidst a raging national anger and a lot of finger-pointing over the botched misadventure, Napeñas declared it was a “judgment call” that he made, and that he was solely responsible. Now, this also makes sense, but only if he agreed to take the blame in order to shield his superiors: Commander-in-Chief Aquino and PNP Chief Alan Pirisima, who had been suspended by the Ombudsman on graft charges.
Raffy Alunan, DILG Secretary during the Ramos presidency, said that “a major mission like this can be ordered only by the president, who should also involve the participation of the DILG Secretary and all other military officials between himself and the field commander”, or words to that effect. Alunan likewise noted a failure of coordination between the arresting unit and any branch of the armed forces, stressing it was basic military tactic to utilize all available military strengths, such as from land, sea and air, to ensure the success of a major operation like the one in Mamasapano.
Well, it does not look too good for the commander-in-chief. By all indications, P-Noy’s most serious goof was when he ordered PNP Chief Alan Purisima to take charge of the arrest mission, thereby in effect telling him to ignore a constitutional official, the Ombudsman, who had earlier suspended him on graft charges. By having done so, P-Noy committed the impeachable offense of Betrayal of Public Trust. But then, the guy controls the lawmakers in the lower chamber, his never-say-goodbye partners in PDAF and DAP operations. Besides, impeachment would be too good for him.
I don’t know what manner of comeuppance would suffice. Once again, Aquino showed his arrogance and insensitivity when he didn’t see it fit to sympathize with grievers as they received the 44 bodies of their dead kin at Villamor Airbase. Instead, the car enthusiast in him chose to cut the ribbon at some ceremony of the Mitsubishi car plant in Laguna.
On orders of Aquino, a board of inquiry would be created; but whether to unearth the truth or conceal it is anybody’s guess. Somebody ought to advise him not to attempt a bloody whitewash cuz nobody but his coterie of yellows will buy it. Given that the national patience may have reached the snapping point, the only decent thing left for him is to resign, even though resignation would, again, be too good for him.


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