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Self-righteous Path

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Self-righteous Path
Ronald Roy — Jan. 26, 2015

It’s good custom for a family to spend extra hours to clean up the house in preparation for a visiting dignitary. Whether or not its purpose for doing so is to conceal its poverty is beside the point. So, when Department of Social Welfare and Development officials treated hundreds of beggars and homeless families to a four-day “outing” at a Batangas plush resort to make Metro Manila look a little more presentable to the visiting Pope Francis, what’s the beef? And since their alleged intention of concealing the country’s poverty cant be proved anyway, I would in fact congratulate them.
During Imeldific’s time, she also ordered the installation of makeshift walls to cover the unsightly squalid areas of the metropolis. This she did with nothing more in mind than the civility of good grooming each time a pontiff came to visit, and yet — and here’s the rub — to this day the Yellows vilify her for what they call “hypocritical ostentations”.
They conveniently forget well-documented acts of her charity and compassion for the marginalized, such as the BLISS homes, among other projects and programs. They also forget that by maligning her they become “the pot calling the kettle black”. So much for the Yellows’ hypocritical daang matuwid (righteous path)!!

Senatorial circus
Hey, wouldn’t “self-righteous path” be a more appropriate translation?! Come to think of it, can you find people more sanctimonious than the three self-proclaimed moral crusaders, higher-office dreamers all, who comprise the subcommittee of the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Senators Koko Pimentel, Sonny Trillianes and Alan Peter Cayetano, witch-hunting grandstanders all, are wasting the people’s money with their never-ending inquiries on corruption anomalies allegedly committed by VP Jejomar Binay, his son Makati Mayor Jun Jun and other family members. As for the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee’s having ruled Jun Jun to be in its contempt for continuous refusal to appear before it, it had better calculate well a pro Jun Jun backlash if he is thrown in the senate jail.
Never mind my moral conviction about their culpability, but as a lawyer I believe that the testimonial and documentary evidences so far presented against them are weak — and the senators know it. It’s obvious they won’t go straight to the Ombudsman’s Office because, apart from their cases being weak, they’re not really investigating “in aid of legislation”.
Since it’s beginning to look more like a case of grave abuse of senatorial discretion, there being available a constitutional process of inquiry by the Ombudsman who’s empowered by its charter to act motu propio, a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court interdicting the inquiries in question isn’t remote. Besides, there’s nothing in the mug or manner of their principal witness, former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, that inspires belief. Mercado still hurts for not having been endorsed by then outgoing Makati Mayor Binay to succeed him, and he has himself admitted to having received building construction kickbacks, not to mention newly unearthed realty ownerships now being hurled at him .
BTW, some two months ago I heard Trillianes say during a DZBB radio interview that “if Binay will be elected president in 2016, ipapatay niya ako (he will have me liquidated). It’s comical, ridiculous, whatever, but the fact remains: this moralist is criminally suable for having “imputed a vice” upon the Vice President’s moral character when he, in effect, called the latter a murderer.

Reproductive health
In relation to reproductive health, I heard over radio Pope Francis say, “Human life must be respected and protected from conception to natural death.” to my conventional mind, this means that human life starts at the moment a sperm unites with an ovum. It follows then that neither a sperm nor an ovum has human life, which is created only upon their union. Sure, they say a sperm has life, but so does an ant.
Anyway, confusion resulted from a subsequent statement that I read.The Pontiff declared the Church’s injunction against the use of artificial contraceptives without qualifications, i.e., whether between spouses or not, and whether or not there are “justifiable” reasons for their use. Lest I be misconstrued, my intention is not to critique His Holiness but to seek enlightenment.
For one thing, Pope Francis might have been misquoted. For another, he might not have had the time to clarify his points. Or maybe, again, my mind is just too conventional for any debate where scientists and theologians remain interminably locked over the question of when human life starts.
Before I conclude, let me say that marital sexuality is a condition indispensable to the spouses’ prerogatives to propagate and enjoy the sheer pleasure of it. They should be grateful for the congenital gift of concupiscence that functions no matter how late their ages.


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