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Ronald Roy — Jan. 12, 2015

I couldn’t help but overhear from three yellow members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo remarks downgrading as “mindless fanaticism” the rabid devotion for the Black Nazarene. Over a thousand out of over 5 million Catholics were reported hurt with one dead, yes, but these were the result of a mountain-moving faith that brought them to seek mercy from God, to thank Him, praise Him and beseech His succor amidst mounting problems in their material and spiritual lives.
Let it be noted that a great many of those who braved the bone-crunching nine-day novena in Quiapo were the shoddy, sandaled or barefooted Poor, and it is not farfetched that some of them had prayed that their uncaring leaders be exorcised of unbridled corruption and unquenchable thirst for power.
Jesus once promised during a sermon on a mount: “Blessed are the Poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!” Hmmm…come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of the Poor working in the Palace or in any of P-Noy’s departments and agencies. Again, it is noted that the eight Beatitudes make no promise to the Affluent and Powerful, the Avaricious and Arrogant, and the Hypocritical and extended term-Obsessive, although some of them did mill around the Quiapo Church area and along the procession’s route for…heheh…what else but show?
Catholics are “mindless fanatics”? Well, not all, but only those in government who are excessively devoted to the thieving ways of Mammon. And that is very funny because these Yellows have a self-proclaimed advocacy called daang matuwid (righteous path), one that however makes for deceptive propaganda to camouflage their unrestrained pilferage of the public coffers.
Oh well, I guess it’s “different strokes for different folks”, i.e., it is now their turn to make hay after the discredited previous administration. Which brings us to the point that our present and future leaders’ becoming more and more corrupt and oppressive can be stopped only by the people’s resolve to assert their sovereign muscle, or by some inexplicable divine intervention which the papal visit has hopefully presaged.
Talking about “strokes”, the most negative one pertains to Benigno B.S. Aquino lll, which in my opinion makes him the worst president in Philippine history; if you’ve regularly followed my articles, you’ll know what I mean. The guy’s just a square peg hammered into a hole, and to this day I wonder what we’ve done to deserve this catastrophe.
To cite a case, among any presidency’s most critical concerns is food in such aspects as relate to production, pricing, distribution and sufficiency. When citizens are forced to pay exorbitant prices for an elemental need like food, those accountable must be lined up against the wall. Well, that hasn’t happened yet in the recent scandal involving 2.2 billion pesos worth of highly overpriced garlic bulbs that lined the private pockets of government officials and their cohorts last year.
A sworn statement by a lady trader-witness cites the Bureau Director of Plant Industry as having told her that the unconscionable exaction of 60,000 pesos per garlic import permit had been authorized by Agricultural Proceso Alcala, reportedly a close political ally and friend of the president. From this affidavit, the reasonable mind of any non-lawyer, repeat: any non-lawyer, can infer what is known as “probable cause”— that evidentiary norm which the law requires as sufficient basis to start an investigation. After issuing a blanket denial of sorts, Alcala submitted a resignation letter which Noynoy accepted…reportedly with an embrace.
DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Morales are understandably hesitant to commence an investigation of the untouchable Alcala, citing “no evidence”, even if, in the case of Morales, she is empowered by the charter of her office to initiate inquiries motu propio, i.e., as she deems fit. This administration is so utterly disgraceful I wonder what advice Pope Francis will give it on his return, unless of course its shame has somehow been concealed from him.
In yet another brazen display of yellow fanaticism, a misguided bunch of friends of mine yesterday said for all to hear in a coffee shop that the 2016 automated elections would be handled by Smartmatic’s precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines, as a result of the “sleek maneuvers of Comelec Chairman Sixto Brilliantes” who’ll be retiring next month.
Former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman accepted the challenge of Brilliantes that he prove that election results could be rigged by these PCOS machines, provided that a Smartmatic expert would be present in the demonstration. Shamelessly, Brilliantes rejected the condition.


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