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Unhappy New Year

Unhappy New Year
Ronald Roy — Jan. 2, 2015

On the eve of the new year, people everywhere celebrated in a happy atmosphere of dance, song, food, wine, noisemakers and fireworks. The excitement climaxed with a countdown from TEN to ZERO, preluding lung-busting greetings of “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” from everybody to anybody. Kisses, hugs, handshakes and smiles became the order of the moment; but lost in that moment was the reason for the celebration.
Christian tradition has it that God became man over 2014 years ago. The holy scriptures tell us Jehovah so loved us that He sent His only son, Jesus, to suffer and be crucified to save us from our sins. That was “agape” in action, the highest kind of love, otherwise known as God’s love for Man, a love so total and unbounded He sent His only son to die for us. Can we understand that?! No we cannot because it’s a mystery; but we can if we have the gift of faith.
We can likewise make the new year a happy one by making good our new year’s resolutions; but chances are we cannot because most of us have chosen the feckless ways of Mammon. Come on, no less than Pope Francis recently took cardinals, bishops and priests to task on 15 moral ailments, all caused by fixation on “power, wealth, hypocritical double lives” and, in general, those worldly comforts and pursuits that make them forsake their pastoral duties. When they err within the view of their flock, their disillusioned sheep find a “justification” to wander aimlessly. Surely, their errors shouldn’t be an excuse for us to go errant ourselves.
It’s no excuse for siblings to hate one another over hereditary rights, for us to lavish on ourselves those things that should go to charity, or to steal just because our leaders have been stealing. Our taxi drivers, for instance, were reputed to be among the most honest in the world. But not any more. From Dec. 1 to Dec. 24, cabbie-related crimes unexpectedly escalated, along with akyat bahay sorties, riding-in-tandem killings, holdups and bag snatches in crowded places.
So, what “law enforcement controls” is the yellow camp bragging about? Fact is: the recent humungous year-end breakdown of peace and order only confirms the Yellows have had nothing but hypocritical moral ascendancy to crow about. And the trend of self-inflicted misery will continue, as if to confirm St.John Bosco’s prophecy that the “end of times” would be marked by such an acceleration of godlessness that Jesus would return to instal the peace of his Father.
But many of us will forget that day as they decide to go on their merry ways. They will forget their societal obligations the way our public servants forget theirs; like our prison’s officials did until DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima led a raid on the New Bilibid “Hilton” some three weeks ago. And when she did, alas, the world shook at the sight of gut-wrenching horrors!!
Piles of bundles of one thousand peso bills, inflated sex dolls, caches of assorted prohibited drugs and high-powered rifles, guns, munitions and just about anything beyond the commerce of man! It turns out this phantasmagoria pre-existed the present administration, hence, the essential question why it took P-Noy’s daang matuwid four years and five months to start an inquiry into the scandalously sorry state of our penological system.
Logic posits that De Lima, who is charged with direct supervision over the Director of the Bureau of Corrections, has long known about practices of debauchery and crime in the national penitentiary; and if not, she’s still accountable for gross inexcusable negligence, the maximum penalty for which is dismissal from the service and permanent exclusion therefrom, along with forfeiture of all retirement benefits. And this woman is now being groomed to succeed Comelec Chairman Brilliantes!!!
The questions folk now ask is how much worth of hush or protection money has facilitated these clandestine criminal activities, and how much worth of “dividends” has been distributed for the appeasement of executive officials and, of course, how far up the hierarchical ladder the distribution has reached. No, It matters no more that the president can look us straight in the eye proclaiming his honesty!
Beyond being President, Benigno B.S. Aquino lll is the “patriarch” whom citizens look up to as a model of rectitude and a pillar of strength. Unfortunately, he is viewed as a failure in this regard. His well-worded holiday messages rang with hypocrisy, insincerity and deception as he slyly concealed the forthcoming misfortune of an unhappy new year.


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