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No Guts, No Glory!

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No Guts, No Glory!
Ronald Roy — Dec. 11, 2014

“No guts, no glory!” So goes the battle cry of the “gutsies”, like soldiers rushing out of their foxholes under a hale of machine-gun fire, net-rushing tennis players and poker bluffers. And oh, also wannabe-rich mavericks, like those who swarm all over the political landscape with humungous investments in the best business in town: a public office! In the last case, the returns on investment for electoral winners are mind-boggling: political enemies are thrown into slammers while allies are slapped on the wrists.

Snap election / snap general elections
The calm and confident mien of President Aquino — he has been smiling more frequently these days — is a cause for celebration by his supporters. And why not, when an international anti-corruption organization just recently lowered the country’s corruption level, right after the United Nations had threatened to revoke our membership in the world body unless our government shaped up in P-Noy’s self-proclaimed fight against graft?!
In fact, he “selflessly” announced his decision not to seek a second term, to write a book instead and enjoy a simple quiet life with readiness to serve the people in some other capacity, whenever possible. Great, but what if this is all an “act”?? Amidst the clangorous demand for P-Noy’s resignation despite the allegedly improved corruption climate, I have a sneaky suspicion he has something up his sleeve that makes him more ecstatic than his fellow Yellows.
Yup, I can almost read his mind retorting: “Go ahead, gang up on me! Scream to the heavens your demand for my resignation! I know you’re emboldened by Uncle Peping’s declaration of war against me, so how can you lose? But, sorry, I’ve got bad news for you. I will not resign because I cannot and should not.
“I cannot resign because if I do, I will be committing the criminal offense of Abandonment of Office. And even if it were legally possible, it would be wrong for me to step down without first consulting my bosses. They’re the ones who put me here. Therefore, it is for them, not you or me, to decide if I should step down. So, why don’t we respectfully let them decide through a snap election for president? But there’s actually something much better than this: snap general elections!

Heaven’s precious gift
“The Constitution does not provide for snap elections, specific or general, but I’ll see to it Congress enacts a special law for the purpose. I invite all our ‘presidentiables’ to join me in this unique democratic enterprise! The greater the number of aspirants, the broader the leeway for choice, hence, the more the people will feel they really are our bosses!
“However, a snap election for president wont be enough. Why not snap general elections that will make our apologies more sincere? After all, an extremely overwhelming number of us have been very corrupt and inept.
“Now is the chance for us public servants to apologize for being disloyal to our bosses, for stealing their money thru PDAF, DAP, smuggling, hulidap, kotong and other felonious operations, in fine: for falling short on our oath to provide them security, contentment and happiness. Now is our chance to resign our positions in order to allow our bosses to instal a new government of their choice.
“All elective and appointive positions, save for those for imperative operations like the Comelec, will be vacated to give way for new faces. For once, let us do something decent; it is the only way to prevent a revolt! [It will be so dramatic and convincing the people will proclaim him as their precious gift from heaven. Wow!]

The glory is yours
“And don’t you worry about election frauds. Transparency and mechanized/digital efficiency shall underpin an honest election process. A new breed of dynamic netizens, assuredly, will be on the watch. We are prepared to do away with those controversial PCOS machines with superior replacements in mind. [Superior replacements? Hmmm…that could be where the rub is, even if in his mind they would wildly adore him…heheh…]
“My countrymen, a new historic dawn looms ahead of us. I offer myself as a candidate for the humbling presidential task of leading all public servants to return the sovereign power you’ve never ever held in your hands. Let there be a legacy, not mine, but yours as a finally empowered people, to be bequeathed to all succeeding generations of Filipinos.
“Glory is within your sight, and the moment to reclaim it as truly yours is now, the daunting odds notwithstanding. No guts, no glory!”


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