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La Fontana Trevi

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La Fontana Trevi
Ronald Roy — Nov. 27, 2014

The guessing game continues. As the 2016 presidential derby “nears”, higher-office dreamers and wannabes commence secret talks with their foreign and local backers on possible team-ups, along with senatorial lineups. Yes, this early, the practice festers as it always has in this politics-preoccupied country.
I am convinced, however, that this sort of preoccupation has never ever served the people’s welfare. Too much of anything, like politics, is counterproductive; but not in the case of an entire Pacquiao-crazy country whose exceedingly unrestrained adulation for the Pacman did two things, first: froze the crime wave and second: joyously united all Filipinos, including Communists, Muslim rebels and assorted felons, for two precious hours before dissipating to restore the “normalcy” of troubled lives.
Lives are troubled usually because of people’s inability to solve the problems they have themselves created. The sad thing is that they often blame others for their own errors, see the forrest without seeing the trees, and are unable to look beyond their noses. In politics, it’s often “each man for himself” or “what’s in it for me”, and seldom “how can I help you”.
Verily, personal interests, not the welfare of the citizens, have guided the voters’ choices of men and women for specific government posts. How then can the worsening mess be arrested and reversed? Answer: It has all along been chiefly the people’s own fault, and only their humble recognition of this malady can light up the escape route to their salvation.
Right now, no destination is visible ahead of the road set out by P-Noy over four years ago. We see nothing but a darkening blur, and hear nothing but a trite and corny rhetoric about a so-called righteous path. We also hear the familiar refrains of reform from opposition candidates, only to be rebuffed once again in a perpetual cycle of betrayal. So, as the search for a new leader continues, we ask: Whose coin will the fountain bless? Why not VP Jejomar Binay’s?
Yes, by some degree of sound guess work, Binay is still far from being counted out of the 2016 presidential race. As of this writing, he continues to rest secure with the support of around 30% of the voting force, the badgering by three senate interrogators notwithstanding. Clearly then, in the event that three or more run for president nineteen months from now, Binay is likely our next “plurality” chief executive.
In my view, the perceived persecution by the three ambitious yellow wannabes has already passed the point of diminishing effectivity, and that’s why the senate yellow ribbon inquiry was recently discontinued; meaning, its reopening will likely augment the 30% comfort zone of Binay who is seen as having been so unjustly bullied, his race will move faster to the finish line with snowballing sympathy votes.
Elementary, my dear Reader, as elementary as the axiom that nobody gets to be our country’s president without the indispensable support of Uncle Sam! Aha, that’s one factor that would stand in Binay’s way, incidentally. But then, remember that America’s meddling always rests on one: whether her chosen candidate can be depended on to support her interests, and two: whether the candidate is a “winnable” one.
The short and dark-complexioned Binay easily typifies the Filipino underdog in physical appearance, and this veritable charisma is even enhanced by his well-known works of extensive charity, particularly for our less fortunate countrymen. He is widely loved as a savior, period. But then, there’s the rub. The expectation that his presidency will be as charitable on a nationwide basis is nothing more than a fancy of the gullible Desperate.
VP Binay is being denounced as having allegedly cornered every infrastructure and building contract during his incumbency as Mayor of Makati City, but his defenders quickly give the argument, wrong though it may be: “So what if he stole from the Rich?! At least he shared the booty with us, the impoverished masses, unlike previous presidents who kept for themselves all that they stole from the public coffers!”
Now, I hasten to point out that the above-underscored statement clearly portrays the political immaturity of the impoverished masses, since it depicts them to be so deprived as to cast votes from their stomachs, rather than from their brains, not to mention their shallow preference for celebrities and clowns. But we must respect their electoral choices because our laws demand no less.
So, will VP Binay succeed P-Noy, especially with Joseph “Masa King” Estrada’s proffered endorsement? I think Rome’s world-famous La Fontana Trevi will bless Jojo’s coin.


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