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Ronald Roy — Nov. 12, 2014

So far our feisty president has had quite a high degree of success in getting what he wants — in spite of himself. His temerity comes from the presidency itself, his fellow Yellows, and his Uncle Sam to whose wishes he smartly remains obsequious. He knows Sam can dump him anytime he disobeys; so, in the case of the slain Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude, for instance, he did what would please America most by hammering down on two people: Jennifer’s grieving German boyfriend, and a Filipino lawyer representing her family.
The no-brainer that the disbarment suit is — filed before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) by the Armed Forces of the Philippines against human rights lawyer Harry Roque — suggests that the AFP couldn’t have taken a pro-American stance against overwhelming Filipino sentiments without a prior order from the commander-in-chief. It also suggests President Noynoy’s puerile bias against a pro bono activist lawyer like Roque whom he’s never liked.
Who in the world, indeed, would believe that, without P-Noy’s knowledge and consent, if not command, AFP Chief of Staff Catapang would dare to do such asinine things?? Catapang misconstrues the import of his surname. He has shamed his uniform by antagonizing the very citizens he took an oath to defend and protect.
He has treasonously chosen to be P-Noy’s lapdog, over and above his primordial concern for the sovereign people. He will soon learn that the citizens will not stand for this kind of betrayal; that they, not P-Noy, are his true bosses; that they, or the next president, will punish him; and that they, or the IBP, will acquit Harry Roque. Most of all, they’ll get to know what kind of a president they now have: one whose reckless ways will never pay.
The recklessness of the Palace occupant, incidentally, was insinuated in the brazen employment of PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines by the very unpopular mayor of Paniqui, Tarlac to fraudulently produce a landslide victory for himself. A court-ordered manual recount, however, showed it was the mayor (reputedly a cousin of P-Noy) who had actually miserably lost. The cheat has refused to step down… hehehe…so, what’s new?
This shameful episode once more exposes PCOS machines as pernicious tools whenever consigned to unscrupulous manipulators. Quite an unsettling state of affairs, really, especially in light of all this talk about P-Noy’s incessant salivation for eternal power! Conventional wisdom, if the behavior of the yellow camp is any indication, says that Aquino was not sincere when he announced he had lost interest in a second term which, according to him,wasn’t the answer to mounting problems. Really???
Wouldn’t he be a fool, indeed, if he didn’t succumb to the delicious apple just waiting to be plucked with no one to stop him? Besides, why shouldn’t he grab a second term when the Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCTP) can easily be tapped for the purpose? Wicked as it is, the CCTP Is an awesome facility for a vote-buying spree, especially if reckoned in terms of a still-growing number of 10 million recipients, who will all receive at least 40 billion pesos in connection with P-Noy’s 2016 bid for a term extension.
So there! CCTP largess galore! Foolproof PCOS machines! What else? Oh yes, no viable candidates for president other than P-Noy!! Per force of circumstances, he’s got to stay in the presidency to save the nation! It should be easy for his PR men and yellow sycophants to create a public clamor. And why not? VP Binay will continue to lose steam as the senate inquiry wears on, and by then, the country’s # 3 man, investigation-badgered Senate President Franklin Drilon, will have been counted out as a probable standard bearer of the Liberal Party.
Yup, P-Noy’s on a roll. Or so he thinks.The unbeatable electoral juggernaut he has so patiently and meticulously built — with largess, PCOS machines and a methodical demolition of all presidential hopefuls — will come to naught. My crystal ball says that the people, through a timely petition before the Supreme Court, and with the backing of the Church and, believe it or not, the military, will flex their sovereign muscles to forever interdict his lust for the power that rightfully belongs to them. If it takes serendipity for this to happen, then by God’s grace, it will happen!


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