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Ronald Roy — Oct. 29, 2014

A good president is a calm, temperate, fair and judicious chief executive. He never allows his personal interests and those of his allies to override his oath of office that defines his constitutional obligation to do justice to every man in particular, and to the sovereign Filipino people in general.
Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll was correct when he intoned in his inaugural speech “Kayo ang boss ko” but, being a public servant, has he ever looked up to the sovereign people as his public masters? The PDAF/DAP episodes exposed his unscrupulous handling of public funds, and he hopes to banish these scandals from his masters’ memory with a series of spectacular demolition jobs against the political opposition.
Those who cheer him for this “brilliant” move only perpetuate the long-held belief that our democracy is a “government of the masters, for the masters and by the masters”, the people being reduced to obsequious servility through electoral machinations and other flimflams. The ongoing demolition of presidential aspirant VP Jejomar Binay is the centerpiece of P-Noy’s second-term plan, notwithstanding his recent announcement of a loss of interest in prolonging his occupancy in the Palace.
Methinks this sudden show of disinterest is a ruse to make Mar Roxas believe that he is the anointed. This way, P-Noy can demonstrate his gratitude to Roxas who had endorsed him after withdrawing his candidacy for president in the 2010 elections. However, P-Noy will go for a second term after giving the excuse that Roxas has not improved his popularity ratings.
Nobody can underestimate P-Noy’s capacity to ruin careers, notably those of high-ranking officials. One remembers his awesome mobilization of legislative and media forces, not to mention largess, in the impeachment removal of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona. Already, he has sent a former senate president and two senators to jail, and he won’t stop until his attack dogs in the sub-committee of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee (SBRC) have completely maimed Binay. The latest surveys however say Binay still leads comfortably among the contenders.
The surveys also say Sen. Alan Cayetano can bid goodbye to his higher-office dreams, thanks to his overbearing interrogation of the vice president in a display of arrogant overkill. The masses are not stupid. A winning number of them still see the vice president as their champion.They are riled not so much by the senate inquiry itself as by its underhanded and disrespectful conduct — as if the vice president were already guilty.
Under the Rule of Law, it is a court of law that pronounces Binay’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt, should the evidence so warrant. Until then, the SBRC must accord him all the respect due his rank and position, as well as the fundamental “due process” that the law guarantees all citizens. True, under existing jurisprudence the SBRC, in aid of legislation and oversight prerogatives, may summon anybody to answer any question. Trouble is, it is currently abusing its own authority in pursuit of some interrogators’ higher-office agendas.
The Supreme Court has consistently invoked the time-honored principle of separation of powers in refusing to interfere in the workings of the SBRC. It’s time however the high court circumscribed this doctrine in light of the vice president’s basic rights being ignored by an opprobrious bunch of senators.
The SBRC’s inquiry of Binay creates the imagery of a lopsided confrontation between a David and a Goliath, the latter being an institution empowered to arrest and cite the former in contempt, and to jail him until he answers, very especially where the interrogators are the attack dogs of an overarching president preoccupied with term-extension ideas.
The overkill syndrome is like a virus that has afflicted other Yellows like DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima and AFP Chief of Staff Gregorio Pio Catapang, who seem bent on securing German Marc Sueselbeck’s deportation as a persona non grata. Both have jeopardized our existing friendly ties with Germany, by unfeelingly labeling as an undesirable alien a German who came to grieve the brutal murder of his Filipino fiancée, Jennifer Laude.
Beck has already profusely apologized for illegally entering Jusmag and shoving aside a Filipino soldier who blocked his path as he forced his way to confirm if the American serviceman accused of the killing was really detained there. Kulang-sa-pansin Gen. Catapang accepted his apologies, but proceeded to file criminal charges as if Beck were an enemy of the State!!
As of this writing, an appropriate military ceremony is being planned for the Filipino guard to receive a promotion and other honors for doing his job beyond the call of duty. Ngek! And the supreme overkill is yet to come as Commander-in-Chief P-Noy will do the conferment himself!


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