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Ronald Roy — Oct. 16, 2014

The yellow camp has been frenetically engaged in brainwashing activities. It all started after Cory Aquino assumed office as the Republic’s revolutionary president decades ago. Sometime in 1988 when I asked a Grade 6 student of a private school if she knew who Ferdinand Marcos was, she quickly replied, “Marcos is a monster. He robs and murders innocent people.” I would later find out that educators had been directed to teach to all the students “the horrors of martial law”.
Yesterday, when I asked three high school students and their teacher what they thought of Ferdinand Marcos, they chorused, “Magnanakaw at mamamatay tao!” Then I remembered that last year Aquino had signed a law perpetuating as “fact” that Marcos was an evil man. The statute now includes Martial Law as a compulsory subject in the secondary and tertiary levels of all schools. The law’s tack is simple. The more monstrous Ferdinand Marcos is portrayed to be, the more virtuous Ninoy, Cory and their son Noynoy will stand in the eyes of history. Yes, the fact that we witness at least 40 indoctrination events every year is an essential feature of their brainwashing program.
The die is cast. It may take two generations before an objective story about Bong Bong Marcos’ father can be told with all his strengths and weaknesses. BTW, the internet already carries a lopsided comparison between the public achievements of the strongman and his nemesis, Ninoy Aquino. But that’s nothing. My personal knowledge of the two men will reveal who between them was a true-blue murderer.
The famous American seeress, the late Jean Dixon, had correctly foreseen that John F. Kennedy would be assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. At the height of Marcos’ tumultuous ouster in 1986, she had also predicted that: “In time, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos (would) be proven right.” Christians hold that only God can stop Dixon’s paranormal foresight. In this light, the Yellows’ resolute indoctrination tactics portraying the Marcoses as evil on the one hand, and the Aquinos as saintly on the other, are futile.
Apart from being futile, their tactics are also so crude as to betray their fear of Sen. Bong Bong Marcos as a potential 2016 presidential candidate; they see him as a serious threat to their benefactor’s term-extension dreams. And the strongman’s son has indeed loomed as such a threat, for he has vowed to bare certain facts to prove his father’s critics wrong; hence, an ongoing demolition job on the Marcoses.
The Yellows claim they’ve remained true to their daang matuwid mantra by muckraking corrupt public officials. I might view that as salutary, except for the fact that their methods smack of hypocrisy. When they do housecleaning work, they focus only on their small fry, never on their big fish.
Me, a Marcos loyalist? Ha ha ha…no, sir, you’re wide off your mark because I’m no loyalist except to truth. I knew both Ferdinand E. Marcos and Benigno Aquino Jr. fairly well, and I’m among a few remaining witnesses who can write an impartial book about them. That, I may yet do, with a stubborn allegiance to that kind of truth that a biblical quote speaks of (John.Vlll.32), viz: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” No, I certainly do not wish to see Filipinos shackled in the darkened dungeons of ignorance.
Brainwashing is the tried and tested distortion, if not obliteration, of truth, and it is known to succeed in the treatment of mental patients; but there’s no record of its success whenever used by power-mad politicians for evil ends. Adolf Hitler lost the war despite its widespread use by Joseph Goebbels, his Nazi Propaganda Minister. [Goebbles’ devilish trick was to repeatedly tell a lie until the lie became a fact.] Misguided Islamist extremists likewise employ it, but they will ultimately be stopped on their tracks.
The Yellows’ power-driven indoctrination program is founded on their imagined portrait depicting P-Noy as the man of the hour, e.g., the only one who can solve the country’s moribund conundrums — most of which, incidentally, his own administration created — like the PDAF and DAP anomalies. Among their latest stunts is their thick-faced defiance of a call from over 62% of our netizens for him to stop salivating after an ego-inflating second term. Well, what can one expect from sycophants who feverishly promote P-Noy as their chosen messiah?
It’s kinda funny that I must now receive from a disenchanted yellow stalwart this text message: “Ron, hetong messiah ba’y me saya at me sayad?”


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