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Ask St. Michael

Ask St. Michael
Ronald Roy — Oct. 2, 2014

I’m sorry, Jacob (Afable), if in my last article I called Pres. Benigno B.S. Aquino lll “evil”. But we all are, in varying degrees and ways. I, for one, sometimes seek God’s forgiveness for dwelling on a lady’s well-turned ankles during Mass, or being covetous of the latest SUV being advertised by BMW. But me, apologize to him cuz he claims he doesn’t steal?! C’mon, even granting arguendo that the president has not stolen a single centavo of the people’s money, why should I?
Shouldn’t he instead apologize for stopping the alleged corruption of only his political enemies, and for opening wide the PDAF/DAP floodgates of graft and plunder of public funds to the egregious benefit of members of his cabinet and legislative allies; for making those well-fed solons so beholden as to not only shield him from impeachment but also to have Supreme Court magistrates squirming under a “Damocles sword of impeachment”, unless they capitulate to a “public clamor”…hehe…for a charter change ok’ing his bid for a second term?
And why shouldn’t he apologize for having so insolently downgraded the high tribunal as to commit a crime worse than treason by tilting the balance of power among our three branches of government, a balance that defines the very heart of democracy? Doesn’t he realize that by chiding the Supreme Court he rebukes the entire Judiciary? Ask lawyers, including yellow law deans, and they’ll tell you the president has become an arrogant de facto dictator for throwing a monkey wrench into our tripartite system of checks and balances.
And why should I apologize for calling him “ugly”? Although good-looking candidates will always be preferred to bad-looking ones, the latter can always offset their disadvantage with assets like moral and leadership traits, as exemplified, for instance, by India’s Mahatma Ghandi, who was no Adonis but was revered by millions of people after his assassination. Hey, I’m not urging P-Noy to go for a similar martyrdom, okay?!
The president will easily win respect if he projects a selfless leadership. All he has to do is love his country more, listen to his allies less, and: disallow the Yellows’ cheeky propaganda that nobody else but he is capable of sweeping all the accumulating mess off the people’s lives. Of course, this does not altogether discount the possibility that it is his egotistical mindset that is the problem.
I recently wrote that I wouldn’t put it past P-Noy and his fellow power-hungry Yellows to map out a strategy for securing a second term for him, and one good reason for it was for them to elude imprisonment for Plunder, Malversation and Technical Malversation. It’s now happening. I also wrote that the Constitution’s main purpose for limiting the president to only one term is precisely: to prevent him from securing a second term through the use of public resources like unlimited wherewithal and influence over LGU’s, among other undue advantages. The nightmare’s just beginning.
Over the past four years, I’ve learned too much about yellow politicians to exempt anyone of them from craving to stay in power forever, Cory Aquino being the only blessed exception. The escalating propaganda blitz trumpeting that Noynoy is the nation’s only savior betrays their creed that power is the ultimate and only purpose behind a sworn commitment to public service, along with power’s artifices to acquire fame, wealth and its own expansion. And the immorality of it all is that they know that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
It sucks, shocks and sickens to think that their avarice is bottomless, their chutzpah unbridled, and their cruelty to their “bosses” inexhaustible. Their full-page propaganda ads are financed through ongoing clandestine raids into the public coffers (ginigisa ang kanyang mga boss sa sarili nilang mantika), and through contributions from the usual handful of rich families whom he seems sworn to further enrich.
They also cite economic data to show we have them to thank for transforming the country into a Shangri-La, the unabated crime wave notwithstanding, and despite poor families increasing in number and less food reaching their tables. They crow over having turned the country into an investor’s haven, when his only interest is to profit from “hot money” placements, and are upbeat about OFW’s remittances which only prove the condition of pervasive joblessness.
Noynoy and his lackeys prefer constituent assembly as the facile chacha mode. In their desperation, however, they forget that only six senators are enough to thwart their skullduggery. Well, there are eight who stand in their way. They are JPE, Sotto, Estrada, Revilla, Binay, Marcos, Santiago and Honasan. Who can stop Satan from helping P-Noy win over any three? Ask St. Michael.


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