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Ronald Roy — Sept. 25, 2014

Will Vice President Jejomar Binay (Jejo) still be a viable 2016 candidate for president? Remembering how P-Noy demolished impeachment respondent Chief Justice Renato C. Corona with awesome presidential powers and alleged bribing tactics, I think Jejo’s in big trouble, not to mention the fact that those explosive pork barrel scandals have a way of making voters extremely sensitive to plunder and graft issues. But it’s still too early to tell. In Philippine politics, surprises are not uncommon.
One such surprise was the recent hat-trick creation of the Senate Yellow Ribbon Committee(SYRC) from what was once the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee — a body that used to investigate anomalies in aid of legislation and its oversight powers. Well, it is now the Thief Executive’s attack askal — a canine well fed and trained to growl and snarl and chase out of the running: anyone who would dare obstruct his path to a second term and, holy macaroni, does Jejo stand at the center of that path!!
SYRC Chair TG Guingona and his cohorts know that their evidence is weak! No, I’m not defending the Vice President. I don’t particularly care if he’s guilty or not of the charges being hurled at him, but what bothers me is the unparliamentary way he’s being treated. Those charges cover acts that were allegedly committed when he was Makati’s Mayor; therefore, they’re not impeachable. So then, what’s the beef?! What’s the hurry?!
In aid of what?! These guys have no jurisdiction over Jejo, and they’re wasting the people’s time and money. It’s bad enough many of them were themselves involved in PDAF and are still clandestinely mired in DAP anomalies. Worse is their grandstanding that diverts attention from their and their benefactor’s dirty hands at the expense of the opposition’s top presidential candidate.
Truth is, It is Noynoy, not Jejo, who sits atop the Augean Stable, that stinking structure full of ugly functionaries perching atop high positions, and we know who these officials are. If TG and company must know, the ugliest of these functionaries happens to be the guiltiest. So, if they want to know who this official is, they should be guided by the following clues.
1)”Better an ugly face than an ugly mind.”— James Ellis; 2) “Absolute and entire ugliness is rare.” — Ruskin; 3) “Nobody’s sweetheart is ugly.” — J.J. Vadé; 4) “No sweetheart cuz ugly.” — Me. Now, based on the foregoing, is it TG? Abad? Noynoy’s “collector” named Henares? P-Noy? Drilon? Alan Cayetano? Trillianes? Purisima? The other Purisima? Sirit na? Oh, congratulations for identifying the ugly crook, dear Reader!
Noynoy lacks such endearing physical qualities that define political charisma. I don’t mean to make fun of him, but look, he really has to dig deep in his bag of virtues to compensate for what he lacks in good looks, and for allowing his cabinet and legislative allies to line their pockets so they’ll give him a second term. That he doesn’t steal is therefore not the point. I’d rather he thieved all by himself than corrupt the Cabinet and Congress!!
His leadership has certain “strengths”, but these are nihilist strengths; e.g., his vindictive nature, which recently reared its ugly head when he firmly and flatly rejected calls for allowing the burial of the remains of the late dictator, cum state honors at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani or elsewhere, stressing he would never be appeased if he didn’t avenge the violent manner of his father’s death. In other words, we have the undeserved misfortune of having an Ama Ng Bayan who will never unite his “children”, as his personal thirst for revenge is unquenchable. Talagang pikon.
He has often declared kayo ang boss ko, and yet he has time and again denied us, his bosses, what we want: reconciliation or anything that can forever bind our fresh and painful wounds, so that we can “move on as one family”. The catastrophe is: P-Noy has practically declared he’s staying in power for another six years after his term! Yes, we believe his 2-week sorties in Europe and America premeditatedly launched his campaign. But, with the “blessings” of 75% of the netizens?? Bwahaha!! He can’t even muster 25% in Tarlac!
I take it back; he isn’t ugly. He is “evil” — a more appropriate way to describe one who poses a danger to the entire Filipino race, a peril much greater than he has often ascribed to his predecessor’s avarice for power. What a hypocrite! What sort of evil is it of a leader who craves nothing less than the fragmentation of his own country?


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