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Lame Duck

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Lame Duck
Ronald Roy — Sept. 17, 2014

“Where do we go from here?” Joey (Cruz), we go wherever the Americans send us after they have gauged the public opinion; and by “public opinion” I mean that which is generated by them, by some of our own mainstream media that are influenced by the new yellow oligarchs, and of course by concerned Filipino netizens. By the way, it’s time we recognized the voice of the “netizenry” as the new vox populi, young at 25, vigorous and dynamic…impatiently demanding to be heard.
Ever since Gen. Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to our islands, our political life has been pretty much in the palm of Uncle Sam. However, that palm has become a firm grip over the past two years, given the growing threat being posed by China in Asia. In that respect, it’s easy to understand America’s well calculated “pivot to Asia” as an imperative strategy designed to safeguard primarily: her national interests and security, and secondarily: our own and those of other Asean countries. By protecting us and our Asean neighbors, America protects herself. We can’t really fault her for that, can we, Joey ?
Remember EDCA, Joey? It’s an agreement of doubtful constitutionality that allows America’s use of our bases. Our bases in Mindanao have been recognized for their strategic value for forging a peaceful accord with the MILF in order to facilitate the establishment of a so-called “Bangsamoro juridical entity”—whatever that is.

EDCA, we are being made to believe, must be welcomed by us, particularly in light of the fast-spreading reign of terror being waged by Muslim fundamentalists, — those radicals who comprise the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They are advocates of Jihadism; they ritualistically behead those who do not believe in Allah, or those whom the Koran itself condemns to death for being “infidels”.
The supreme horror of Jihadism stems from one: a divine promise that the executioner in this gruesome form of murder will be rewarded with eleven beautiful virgins as soon as he enters heaven, and two: a commandment from Allah that he be glorified with the slaying of all infidels. These closed-minded Islamic savages believe they are obligated to kill non-believers. So, if a Muslim asks you, a Christian, if you believe in Allah, what will you answer? Well, you’ll most likely pretend you’re a deaf mute, won’t you? Or say outright that you believe, in the vein of the philosophical Bertrand Russell’s classic “Better Red than dead” advice for those who’d rather espouse Stalinism than court harm.
Not all Muslims are Jihadists. Jihadists are known to zealously guard against being identified as such — and that’s where the scare is in dealing with Muslims anywhere. These fundamentalists are religious bigots who decapitate in the name of Allah, and you don’t know if the Muslim you’re having coffee with is one of them. They hate, most of all, Christians and Jews.
Reportedly, the MILF recently sent a hundred of Sulu-based Abu Sayyaf renegades to train abroad to become neck-slicing Jihadists. It isn’t exactly puzzling that President Noynoy has remained silent over this issue. He did not even bother to confront MILF and other Muslim leaders for confirmation or denial of the information, before endorsing to Congress the Bangsamoro Transition Commission’s draft bill amending the ARMM Law for the establishment of that “Bangsamoro juridical entity”.
Methinks P-Noy kept his silence because he was so ordered by Uncle Sam; but, then again, we cannot really blame P-Noy for his subservience, can we? He thought it best to be nice to Uncle Sam because, for one thing, he’d get to come closer to bagging an ego-inflating Nobel Prize for promoting peace with Filipino Muslims in his own country. Not only that. He’d get to see his dream for a second term becoming real—all these, courtesy of America! The picture becomes clearer, you know, if we see Uncle Sam and his balding Filipino manservant sharing a mutual need for back-scratching. Sam gets the bases while his nephew Benigno gets the accolade.
However, their big hitch is: P-Noy’s big boast for forging peace with Filipino Muslims will be unwelcome world news, certainly not now when these hated and hateful Islamic cut-throats are on a global rampage. Noynoy’s timing is clearly off. He’s a lame duck, and the netizenry will make sure it stays that way.


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