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54 Morons

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54 Morons
Ronald Roy — Sept. 10, 2014

Of course we all knew the three impeachment complaints against Pres. Benigno B.S. Aquino lll would be dumped in the garbage bin by his fellow Yellows. But, by such a whoppin’ landslide count of 54 to 4 votes, WOW, we just had to pause and start wondering whether it was just a nightmare! But now that we realize it wasn’t, we may have to brace ourselves up against a long, long winter through the next year and nine months!
Recently, I bumped into a lawyer-friend, a certified Yellow serving out his last 3-year term in the Lower House. He explained the vote this way: “You surprise me, Ron. As a lawyer, you should understand how impeachments go. An impeachment is a political activity engaged in by members of the lower chamber for the purpose of determining a probable cause for removing an impeachable official and, should one be found, the complaint is endorsed to the senate for trial. Well, we happened to have more than enough votes to quash the complaint in this numbers game.” Hmmm…more than enough? What an understatement!
Parenthetically, common sense is all that is needed to determine “probable cause” as there is nothing really technical about the term. As generally defined or understood in any jurisdiction on our planet earth, there is probable cause when a reasonable mind can appreciate any evidence as a substantial basis for the issuance of an arrest warrant or for the conduct of a trial. As it now stands, the situation before us is that either there are 54 unreasonable minds in the congressional committee on justice, or they all used an extra-terrestial definition from wherever, or both. Anyway, he proceeded, as follows.
“We’re on the saddle, Ron. We are in full control. That’s politics. You know very well that our vote overwhelmingly reflects our constituents’ sentiments. That is what we are here for, to express their will. We had no choice, Ron. This is what they wanted. Be patient, your turn will come to mount the saddle. Until then, sorry na lang muna kayo. That’s democracy.”
HUH??? What an idiot, I mulled! But it should be easy to forgive him (let’s just call him Moe Rohn) for thinking like one, for not knowing any better. Not having the time to reply, I told Moe to read my next article, this one. And so, Cong. Moe Rohn, my friend of 37 years, please lend me your eyes.
Impeachment is described as a political activity, yes, but only in the sense that when congressmen impeach, they do so as political representatives of their respective constituencies. In fact, if an impeachment case is endorsed to the senate for trial, the senators convene as a trial court in representation of the national constituency. However, in both instances, the legislators perform their tasks in a more than just a ceremonially representative way of removing an impeachable official. [ Bobby(Reyes), in quo warranto proceedings, it is a judge who decides whether an unimpeachable official can be removed from office or not. A quo warranto proceeding is judicial, not political.]
The Lower House impeachers and the senatorial impeachment judges must take their respective chores seriously, i.e., with no other interest in mind than to truly reflect the sentiments of their respective constituencies. So then we ask: In the case of the impeachment of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, what measuring tool was used to gauge these sentiments? A referendum, or cell phone texting ala American Idol? Obviously not, since the Constitution implicitly prohibits such modes, even if they would be more accurate.
It cannot be ignored that the lopsided tally of 54-4 — being a statistically improbable reflection of the sentiments of congressional districts — was arrived at on the basis of factors other than the people’s will. In fine, the very lopsidedness of the voting is the “smoking gun”, one might say, the eloquent proof that the voting was orchestrated by an unseen hand from the Palace. A “numbers game” did you say, Moe? Let’s get this straight. You guys toy around with our sovereign sentiments, and you call impeachment a numbers game?! Like a casino game which only the very rich can afford?! With PDAF/DAP funds known as people’s money?!
Besides, oo nga naman, why would the 54 congressmen wish to bite the hand that feeds them, or kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? I am not calling anybody a dog or a goose, but he sure is behaving like one. Nobody really believes that it was love of country that impelled all of you fifty-four Yellows to acquit your boss of all impeachment charges. Rather, it was fear that his removal from office would mean your eventual prosecution on plunder or graft charges, wasn’t it, Moe? No??? I rest my case, Cong. Moe Rohn.


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