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Ronald Roy — Aug. 14, 2014

I’m now totally convinced that the end-all in present-day Philippine politics is power in its rawest form, not money, not electricity or under-arm redolence, but the mindlessness to destroy an entire race of Filipinos, as if it were a hydrogen bomb left in the hands of a gun-crazy punk.
It’s a sad commentary, but let’s face it: it’s not entirely the punk’s fault, nor that of past punks. People now generally run for public office in order to acquire that kind of power that destroys rather than builds, steals rather than gives, and seeks to be served rather than serve. This is likewise true with respect to most government appointees and private individuals behaving like power brokers.
It is also a sad commentary that Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll’s Tuwid na Daan (righteous path) policy has become such fatuous propaganda (owing to his ineptness, deceptiveness, arrogance, hypocrisy and pagka-pikon) that such people now walk the corridors of his ego-inflating power. For lack of a term, let us call these opportunists “stools”. Yes, stools, but not those three or four-legged contrivances to sit on, or decoy birds for hunting, or those roots or stumps of trees and plants, but appropriately those foul-smelling substances that doctors are sometimes concerned with.
Alas, the president’s government is crawling with stools in overwhelming numbers never seen in previous administrations! And with intensifying ferocity, these stools are charging the air with the guessing game of who should be paired for the top two posts in the 2016 elections! But first, how about a second presidential term for P-Noy??
Why not, even if the notion — which comes from a “presidentiable” rich man like DILG Sec. Mar “Padyak” Roxas — is asinine? After all, is not P-Noy invincible, given the legend that his parents were a saint and a martyr? Is P-Noy not the object of a public clamor to continue his good performance for his so-called bosses — a clamor heard only by the dwindling yellow cult and the proliferating stools, and a good performance proclaimed by foreign lenders who only want us to borrow more from them?
I really hate to say uncomplimentary things about Mar because his mother, Judy, is a childhood friend and a kumadre who once stood as a sponsor at my son’s wedding. But I cannot in conscience allow a bias to stifle the ventilation of matters that are inimical to good government.
Parenthetically, it saddens that “power politics” in this country has a way of spoiling friendships, let alone kinships. And when personal ties snap, so also will the binding strands between the governors and the governed and, before we know it, the tipping point will have been reached by the sovereign body politic to bear arms for a revolt — that legitimate solution nobody wants!!
Today, instead of addressing, say, basic food and crime issues, stools are busy conjuring up election tandems, among which is the so-called “dream team” of Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas — What??? — who are seen as a seasoned crook and an honest man, respectively. This team-up is the closest to what I would call bizarre, apart from its being an indication that our electorate is centered on quantity of votes rather than quality of candidates.
In effect, the “dream team” in question, like other “dream teams”, validates the long-held belief that in a poor country like ours, vote-buying is the recognized formula for bagging a public office, and vote-selling the special-meal recipe for impoverished families. The other “dream teams” are those labeled as Bong Bong-Chiz, Jojo-Kris, Bong Bong-Grace, Chiz-Grace, Jojo-Vice Ganda, and other combinations entertaining enough to camouflage ongoing plots geared to prolonging the President’s hold on power, like the devious chacha.
I’ve once written about one such insidious plot that contradicts the esteemed columnist, Amando Doronila, who says that ongoing coup rumors are baseless because the AFP and PNP are much too contented to go against their Commander-in-Chief.
However, these generals will be guaranteed additional benefits if P-Noy serves beyond 2016. A term-extension “oplan” would then have P-Noy’s loyal generals first staging a coup against him purportedly to save the republic or whatever, then after some time will request him to chair the military junta to run government until, in his judgment, normalcy may be restored thru regular elections. With America’s support and a simple script, the “oplan” becomes credible.
The other “oplan” is buttressed by the recent discovery of a “smoking gun” linking P-Noy to lump sums from his presidential pork being diverted from legitimate recipients to lawmakers’ private pockets. With impeachment and criminal cases staring him in his face, the Nixon-Ford “private deal” will be adopted in a scenario that will see P-Noy resigning and Pres. Jojo Binay pardoning him. Ingenious, these stools!!!


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