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Ronald Roy — Aug. 7, 2014

For the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international lending institutions, we are only an image of numbers. Like the three ratings outfits Standard and Poor, Fitch and Moody’s, they see us as a business entity well out of economic stagnation, if not morass, where we were once tagged as the pathetic sick man of Asia.
They also view us as an investment destination performing beyond expectations, nay, as the next economic miracle in Asia, by using such measurement tools as “gross domestic product”, “per capita income”, “debt-to-equity ratio” and other hifalutin ratios the uninitiated tens of millions of the Poor and the dwindling middle class do not comprehend.
I’m not certain if we should thank these US-controlled organizations for painting a rosy picture of the state of our economy, and if we should at all depend on their “concern”, especially as we know that their principal thrust is to package sweet deals that induce us to borrow more from them. Is this the so-called good news which inspires Filipinos to rejoice and sing Alleluia to Pres. Aquino and his yellow administration?? But the bad news is: the Rich (eight families) are getting richer and the Poor (tens of millions of families) are getting poorer, with the gap between them widening at a rate greater than ever before.
No, the Poor do not understand their lenders’ numbers, although they understand the most elemental of numbers that relate to their physical existence: the number of sips of kape and gatas, and the number of pandesals and spoonfuls of kanin and gulay for each family of six to seven, in a country of a hundred million Filipinos. How’s that for being regarded as today’s sickest man of Asia?
Lord Denman defines “deception” as “a mockery, a snare, and a delusion”, and the indubitable proof that we are being mocked, snared and deluded into believing that our economy is hunky-dory, is the cold-blooded fact that, as of this writing, 77,000 out of 80,000 OFWs stationed in war-torn Libya would risk being shelled, bombed, strafed, or stepping out onto a street only to be mugged, held up, gang-raped or beheaded, rather than return to their country where there is absolutely nothing to expect except: a worsening crime wave, crippling taxes, unmitigated unemployment, and the horror of an excruciatingly slow pace of death arising from disease, hunger pangs and clinical depression — not to mention the social costs of broken marriages and homes resulting from kapit sa patalim separations.
What greater deception is there than the Yellows’ proposed legislation defining “savings” in order to circumvent the Supreme Court’s 13-0 ruling thumbing down the DAP as unconstitutional, the real intention being to legalize plunder through an unholy coaptation between the executive and legislative branches??? I thought we had a democracy, and not a novel autocracy where the President now wields the power of the bomb, the Congress is only a glorified custodian of the coin purse, and the Judiciary a menial holder of the pencil!!
And what greater deception is there than the brazen suggestion of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas that, contrary to the position of 77,000 out of 80,000 OFWs in war-ravaged Libya that they’d rather be mutilated there than repatriated to a no-jobs death trap, P-Noy and his yellow team are doing so well in bringing us to the threshold of economic prosperity — really now! — that he deserves an extension of his presidency, the cryptic motive being: their desire to avoid indictment for Plunder or Malversation or Technical Malversation and, well, why not also to resume lining their pockets with people’s money???
I won’t tire saying: Our democracy is sufficient only in form, not in substance. Yes, we have the three branches of government, and they are supposed to be co-equal and co-ordinate. Unfortunately, they are not. As earlier exposited, our system of checks and balances is in danger of ruin under P-Noy’s governance.
The system’s faltering behavior is criminally intentional, as efforts continue to be exerted by Yellows from the executive and legislative departments to enfeeble the Judiciary. One such effort was the recent sending by the Committee on Justice of the Lower House of an invitation to Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to shed light on the Judiciary Development Fund.
Well, the youthful chief magistrate graciously declined the invitation by saying the same was “premature and inappropriate at this time”. She also gave the solons a gentle reminder on the primacy of “judicial independence and fiscal autonomy”. Hmmm…I may have been underestimating her all along. On her Court may yet depend the restoration of the checks and balances system, as well as a judicious opposition to all forms of yellow deception.


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