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Ronald Roy — July 24, 2014

I have received some hate texts from “Yellows” accusing me of Inciting to Sedition, of being “disrespectful to the most honest and most truthful chief executive, and to the best presidential crime-buster we ever had”, of being “hateful of a transparent leader”, being a “delusional septuagenarian and a decrepit asshole,” and being “gago at bulag”. Well, in the spirit of free speech, to all you Yellows I can only say: “Okey lang.” I have long learned to say it as I see it, take it as I dish it out, be tolerant of the intolerant, and laugh off the un-laughable.
Again, okey lang. But may I suggest you do yourselves a favor? Discard your derogatory color. Yellow denotes “impending danger”, such as to democracy, national security or the economy. Yellow also signifies “cowardice”, such as a lack of courage to own up to constitutional booboos. Also, yellows are plant diseases, and the color in question is associated with jaundice, a condition characterized by yellowish discoloration of the eyes and skin caused by a diseased liver.
Yellows, why have you never used the color white, the symbol of purity, good faith and good manners? Does white repel you the same way the sun repels a count from Transylvania? If it does, then take heart that exorcism is an available option for salvation, not a Motion for Reconsideration. This advice is given in the hope that it will heal a nation that you have yourselves fragmented. The choice is yours, mainly P-Noy’s, whose quarrelsome nature is reminiscent of the ancient Roman tyrant Nero, who was pikon and reportedly afflicted with jaundice.
The most honest president? My yellow friends, honesty is beside the point here. Again, let me grant for the sake of argument that Pee…oops, sorry…P-Noy has not pocketed a single peso of PDAF or DAP money. But the fact remains that others have enriched themselves with people’s money. Being responsible, he is criminally and civilly liable for Malversation and Technical Malversation, per force of the alter ego doctrine. [Please read my last two articles, Arrogant and Malum Prohibitum.]
The most transparent and best crime-busting president? Meaning, no coverups, no window dressing, no pregnant silences, and no deceptions??? Awwww…c’mon, guys! A book wouldn’t be enough to list them down. Let’s see…okay…how do you explain P-Noy’s silence over the findings of two IMF trade monitors that: while Gloria Arroyo’s record of customs corruption stood at 3.8 B US dollars in ten years, P-Noy’s was roughly five times more at 19.6 B US dollars in only one and a half years??? So, pray tell me, what crime-busting and transparency are you Yellows talking about?
Then of course we still await some explanation on his grant of 5.8 billion pesos to the MILF and 6.8 billion pesos to the ARMM. That’s a lot of largess, some of which has financed the rebels’ purchase of sophisticated weapons for their intemperate killing of innocent civilians, soldiers and policemen!
And as for those record-breaking 250,000 officially reported crimes committed from Feb.1 to June 2014, don’t you know that PNP Director General Alan Purissima responded by ordering that new uniform be designed and tailored for all policemen, and a new official residence be constructed for himself at a cost of fifteen million pesos?? Was he fired? Naaah…he was not even summoned! Well, we know that P-Noy’s bosom allies can “get away with murder” and that, by his pampering ways, they have trifled with public funds which otherwise could have been used to bring more food and medicine to the burgeoning Poor!
The rapacious Disbursement Acceleration Program would probably have proceeded to this day had Sen. Jinggoy Estrada not exposed it on the floor of the senate. It was invented by Department of Budget and Mismanagement Sec. Butch Abad, ordered implemented by P-Noy, and participated in by solons in its illegal distribution of public funds for purposes other than public or, if public, for what was not originally intended under the General Appropriations Act.
No ifs or buts about it, all these guys should be jailed, and that’s why a lot of them have been urging P-Noy to use the SONA to clear them of charges and suspicions that they have abused the DAP. But how can the guiltiest guy do that???
I’m gago at bulag for not seeing the “goodness” about the DAP? But how can the DAP be different from the inglorious PDAF when P-Noy’s most trusted hatchet-man, Abad, ordered the release of 900 SAROS to solons? P-Noy’s address before the nation will be wildly cheered by his listeners on Monday? Of course, because SONA is a new acronym for Sympathizers Of Notorious Abad.


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