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Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities

Ronald Roy — March 13, 2013

As Kuala Lumpur authorities continue to round up Filipinos even outside the battle areas in Sabah which the latter call their homeland, despite the Sulu Sultanate’s unilateral ceasefire move and the United Nation’s call for sobriety and dialogue, it has has become increasingly clear that we can only helplessly watch on the sidelines with lumps in our throats, especially given President Noynoy Aquino’s intractable decision to yield to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s inhuman indiscretions as regards terminating hostilities.

Let’s face it. It’s an asinine mismatch between Tausugs, in particular the followers and relatives of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III on the one hand, and the armed forces of Malaysia that are morally supported by the P-Noy government, on the other. It’s all over but the shouting and the filing by Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima of charges against Filipino “instigators” for crimes she has yet to determine.

De Lima has once again demonstrated her obsequious eagerness to act or talk on the basis of her personal reading of the presidential mind. Having thus ascertained her master’s mindset not to jeopardize the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement that is being assiduously brokered by Malaysia and abetted by the United States, she has seen it fit to announce her intention to prosecute those Filipinos who might have violated Philippine laws, even if their acts were committed outside of our territorial borders. Tragic, eh?!

The tragedy of misgovernance (malgovernance?) actually comprehends not only the Department of Justice, but the entire cabinet itself, not to mention the other agencies and offices within the Executive Department. P-Noy’s official minions are all in awe and fear of him, as though he were a dictator. Every word he utters must be taken as an order, period. No second guesses, period.

He first exhibited this repressive trait when he bushwhacked erstwhile Chief Justice Renato C. Corona in an impeachment trial by publicity that saw his removal from office for an unimpeachable offense. P-Noy is by nature an impulsive and intractable decision maker, especially in cases where emotions run high.

I am not alone in believing that it is he who has committed “treason”, not others whom he now blames, and that he will not hesitate to twist facts or even lie outright such as when, speaking through his spokespersons, he has accused the Kirams of waging war for selfish pecuniary reasons, his mind closed to the fact that the utterly paltry sum of 5,300 ringgit per annum rental, or “cession” payment, is conclusive proof of the sultanate’s proprietary rights over Sabah.

Like the beautiful archangel that Lucifer was, P-Noy will eventually fall from grace because of the sin of PRIDE, i.e., the egotistical idea that he is infallible. Lucifer tried to challenge God’s authority, and look what happened to him. P-Noy is proving to be too proud to apologize for his errors, and look what’s going to happen to him, his followers, and—heaven forbid—all peace-loving Filipinos, like you dear reader and myself.

Bullheadedly, P-Noy has refused to take a cue from Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario to apologize to the Kiram family after the secretary apologized for having failed to seasonably act on two letters previously sent by the Sultan to the President. The question is: if apologies are not the stuff of proud people, why then is P-Noy so popular?

P-Noy has 3 principal assets, to wit, his name, overseas Filipino workers, and seeming determination to fight graft and corruption. On the other hand, his one principal liability is all the pride that saturates his humanity.

It is expected that he will ignore Lowell’s observation that “Pride and weakness are Siamese twins”, and the biblical caveat that “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”. (Proverbs XVI:18)

Our president will do well to remember that the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit is the sin of pride—that same sin that transformed the narcissistic Lucifer into a monster with a pair of horns, hooves and a tail. Hie to the nearest full-length mirror, Mr. President, and imagine what might become of you!!!

If P-Noy will only read up on some of history’s great leaders, he will learn that all those who eventually fell from power had found their waterloo in pride. But then, all this is academic discussion because, well, the guy’s utterly lacking in humility.

It can only be bewailed that P-Noy will never agree to John Ruskin’s belief that “the first test of a truly great man is his humility”, as well as Franklin’s counsel that it is “in humility that we imitate Jesus and Socrates.”

Incidentally, it was also Franklin who warned that “men grow humbler and wiser, after crosses and losses”, implying that: since P-Noy has not owned up to any crosses and losses, he is therefore neither humble nor wise.

P-Noy brags about his “economic miracles” when, actually, joblessness continues to stalk the land, the poor are increasing in number, and our main export item is human labor which effects dramatic forex inflows in exchange for the social cost we suffer in terms of broken marriages and homes. This pathetic state of affairs is anathema to the ideal economy of Filipinos staying home to be their own entrepreneurs, capitalists or investors, not employees or menial servants of foreign masters.

Another popularity factor of Noynoy Aquino is his visceral disdain for the corrupt regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who was his beloved mother’s arch nemesis, and whose refusal to heed her mother’s demand to resign certainly created the stresses that led to her terminal condition.

People who hate GMA will simply applaud P-Noy’s every act of bashing her, or anything or anyone associated with her. It cannot be helped but be noticed that, wedged in the embarrassing Sabah situation, P-Noy has therefore conveniently pointed to “GMA elements” as having instigated the sultanate’s war with Malaysia, in a devious attempt to roil and sway GMA-bashers over to his side. But, then again, blaming others for the war is a lame excuse, and how well he knows this.

Incidentally, with “disengagement” operations, courtesy of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas being well under way, President Aquino is dead wrong if he thinks the Sabah crisis is over; and he would be botya (double-dead) wrong if he thought his accountability for the blood bath in Sabah has been obliterated.

It remains his bounden duty to personally initiate the filing of a diplomatic protest questioning Malaysia’s barbaric overkill in its military operations against hapless Tausugs only wanting to return to and live in their homeland.

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