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Martial Law

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Martial Law
Ronald Roy — 2012 September 12

IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID! No, that’s not original, so I hasten to disown it as my creation, lest I be dishonored for plagiarism (mahirap na, heheh.)! US Pres. Barak Obama might have thought he had clinched his reelection bid with the Roscoe (Hollywood’s statuette for worst actor) performance of Clint Eastwood campaigning for Republican presidential candidate House Speaker Mitt Romney, followed by the smashing endorsement of his second term by former Pres. Bill Clinton; but Obama may be celebrating a bit too early, Jewelyn (Delgado).

With around 7 weeks left before the election, Romney has still a chance. To frustrate him, Obama now feverishly woos the very large middle-class sector of America’s population, which however continues to reel in joblessness. If he cannot fix this economic snag, he may have to say goodbye to a second term.

The economy is always a central factor in the electoral exercise of any democratic country, and the US, arguably the strongest democratic nation in the world, is no exception.

As to your other query, Jewelyn, yes, I was a Marcos appointee for close to eight years; but no, I was not a Marcos loyalist. I am a loyalist only to principles. I saw him as a principled man and an astute leader; and again in my view, he had the most noble of intentions when he instituted Martial Law in 1972.

And yes, based on my personal knowledge—repeat: personal knowledge—of the late father of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, Ninoy should be remembered as a heel, not a hero. One will find living witnesses galore among Ilocanos and Tarlaqueños especially, who are at least in their 60’s, and one will be shocked by their testimonials that contradict the perpetuated myths about Ferdinand E. Marcos the “tyrant”,  Ninoy Aquino the “martyr”, and his wife Corazon Cojuangco Aquino the “saint”.

Jewelyn, I bewail a kind of Aquino cultism that expands each year to eternalize historical distortions about these three political personalities of the past. I lament that each time the cultists commemorate a Ninoy or Cory event—and that’s around 20 times a year—the memory of a Filipino president is blackened.

These annual remembrances are unjustly born of vindictiveness if not hatred, and vainglory if not self-glorification. And if some mystics are to be believed, as long as Cory’s dog stays buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani while Marcos’ remains are denied a resting place at the same holy grounds, our land will remain cursed. Yes, CURSED!

Numerous leftist elements occupy seats of power in the administration of P-Noy, such as those from Akbayan, whose party-list Representative Walden Bello recently filed House Resolution No. 2608 advocating the mandatory teaching of today’s students about martial law abuses.

Parenthetically, Ninoy Aquino had co-opted the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its military arm, the Nationalist Peoples Army (NPA) led by Kumander Dante (Buscayno) to advance his ambition to oust the strongman from Malacañang.

Jewelyn, for details of my personal knowledge of Ninoy Aquino’s appalling “other side” you’re welcome to visit my website hereunder indicated, which contains countless detailed accounts about Ninoy Aquino’s monstrosity.

It’s no wonder that Bello, being a pseudo-commie-cultist, would wish to perpetuate historical distortions, if not downright falsehoods. H.R. 2608 should be challenged to conform as close to fact as possible, the basic reference being to the reality that there was real war that raged between martial law enforcers and the Maoist NPA that wreaked unspeakable atrocities on soldiers and civilians, like disembowelment, gouging out of eyes, cutting off of all four limbs, and, before the coup-de-grâce shot between the eyes, forcing the hogtied soldiers to eat their own barbecued penises and testicles.

 When Ninoy was incarcerated, his mother and wife often came to my father’s residence for help, sometimes at late hours, like one in the morning. Dad never failed to comfort them, and often spoke with Marcos on their behalf. Three or four times, I personally consoled them and acted the gracious host when dad was not around.

Acting on Ninoy’s request as conveyed by his mother and Cory, my father twice tried to convince Marcos to place the jailed Ninoy under house arrest, but the strongman said “no” for his own good, since he believed house arrest would have invited communist hitmen to assassinate Ninoy just to compromise him.

In any event, the Roys were never wanting in “being there” for Cory and Ninoy’s mother whenever they came, and it still hurts to remember that, when Nacionalista Party President Jose J. Roy died, President Cory Aquino sent neither a flower nor a word of condolence.

But I wish to stress that I do not take umbrage at P-Noy for being the son of Ninoy and Cory. As our president, he deserves our cooperation. His economic numbers having risen, he now finds himself atop a popularity crest higher than when he was inaugurated into office in 2010.

I agree with texter #0770 that P-Noy can thank his economic managers for his soaring ratings, but equally—if not more—persuasive is that he has purposefully stepped on the gas in his hammer-and-tongs drive against corruption without himself and his relatives being linked to anything anomalous. For this, he deserves the country’s plaudits.

There is no question in my mind though that Pres. Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III would rise even higher in the esteem of his countrymen, if he initiated reconciliatory moves with the Marcos family, beginning with the strongman’s interment at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

This way, he could yet blaze a trail as a truly great president who prevented a left-leaning cult from espousing the atrocious Napoleonic definition that “history is but a fable agreed upon”.

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