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Ronald Roy — 2012 July 03

I applaud Pres. Noynoy Aquino and his technocrats for defending well the position that the Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is implicitly authorized by its charter to extend credit assistance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to bail out distressed economies in Europe. My personal enlightenment over the controversy would not have come had it not been for the generous emailed reply I eked out of the precious time of a Marcos-era technocrat par excellence: former Prime Minister Cesar E. A. Virata.

I opened my mailbox and perused a one-liner — from perhaps the best President our country never had — that read: “BSP has been lending its reserves by buying US/E/J  securities and debt instruments to earn interest.”

So there, Marvin (Juares), with the cited reply from one who once chaired the Monetary Board, the ruckus can be laid to rest. But I wish to add a non-statutory dimension to the BSP’s laudatory move, which is: helping others in need.

Consider a below-middle-class community of 400 homes, where the house of the only rich family is razed by fire to the ground. Should we even wonder if the other 399 families decide to contribute survival items like sugar, milk, rice and beddings to help the stricken family’s temporary struggle back to its feet?

The entire neighborhood would be “synergized” if this happened, and acts of synergy are precisely what an economically wobbly international community should engage in, because its collective strength is equal to the sum of the strengths of its member-nations.

It bears noting then, Bro. David (Bienvenido), that consistent with Christian theology, “kindness to others” is a proposition that inspires synergy, and the proposition, additionally, is my spiritual interpretation of Mr. Virata’s technical endorsement of the BSP move in question. Besides, why should the BSP allow its reserves to remain dormant, when they can be used to earn interest by lending them to the most reliable borrower in the world, the IMF?

Texter #1917, yes, the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), as of 2007, had a total of 1,171 registered individual members and 8 chapter members nationwide. Its present core group of around twenty individuals, chaired by Betina Legarda, occasionally meets to address such issues as human rights violations, infirmities in the delivery of justice, PCOS-related kinks, and others.

Cognizant of Senator. Koko Pimentel’s principled departure from UNA, CCM has declared support of his advocacy for electoral reforms, endorsement of his candidacy for a Senate seat under any flag, and vehement opposition to Migz Zubiri’s aspirations for membership in the same legislative body.

Let it be stressed that, consistent with its policies, one: CCM is not turning cool to its belief that, Koko’s departure from UNA’s fold notwithstanding, UNA will pursue its laudable platform of government, and two: CCM will grant each of its members the traditional freedom to choose specific candidates, parties or coalitions in the midterm elections of 2013.

Finally, it is emphasized that CCM, unlike other political movements has never sought—and will never seek—rewards for its efforts to help build a just society founded on the Rule of Law, its satisfaction coming from its realimzation that its efforts, modest as they are, are geared to the maturation of a suitable democracy for Filipinos. That satisfaction, #1917, is CCM’s lasting reward beyond measure, and it seeks nothing else.

Well, Marja (Montilla), we can have a hearty laugh over Palace Spokesman Edwin Lacierda’s announcement that “xxx… Sen. Franklin Drilon is very qualified to be a Chief Justice. …xxx”. This disturbing statement, presumably authorized by the President, confirms that P-Noy will appoint a lackey, even if he or she is the least qualified among a caboodle of toadies. But Mr. Drilon deserves credit for avoiding a monumental embarrassment when he declined his nomination to the Judicial Bar and Council.

Going by the constitutional requirements of competence, integrity, probity and independence, Atty. Franklin Drilon is one: incompetent, for having once sued Juan Ponce Enrile for a non-existent crime he dubbed as ‘Rebellion complexed with Murder”; two: lacking in integrity and probity, for having done so in order to appease then revolutionary President Cory Aquino who “wanted Enrile’s head on a silver platter” for what she believed as his role of mastermind in a failed coup d’état against her; and three: bereft of independence, as shown by his overtly biased pro-administration deportment as an impeachment trial judge.

Not quite similar, however, is the case of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima who finally accepted her nomination after some alleged soul-searching at Mt.Banahaw. She has declared she’s “a strong bet”, but because she is openly perceived as an ally of P-Noy, her “independence” remains very suspect. Hmmm…I wouldn’t however put it past her to secretly brag that she is P-Noy’s top choice for being his most qualified toady.

I thank you, Marja, for seeking my thoughts regarding the qualifications of my son, Atty. Jose “Judd” M. Roy III, for Chief Justice. Well, he is eminently qualified and I say this without the bias of a father but with the cold objectivity of his documented performance.

Open to public scrutiny is his record as a law professor admired by his students, a Law Dean who revitalized—with innovative methods—an anemic Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila law faculty, a former Acting President of the same university, a bureaucrat and litigator admired by personnel and magistrates of lower and superior courts particularly in reference to his direct contributions to the upgrading of the judiciary’s physical structures and facilities nationwide, and his unswerving devotion to the Rule of Law as exhibited by his staunch defense of impeachment respondent CJ Corona—among other attributes.

In his own sui generis way, I feel that a “Roy Court” would be able to crank up the Judiciary to the level of a sustainable system of checks and balances among the three branches of government,

But, oh well, perhaps this is not his time, nor that of anyone who has antagonized the President. By all indications, the next Chief Justice is a Palace flunky in the category of Drilon whom P-Noy praises to high heavens!

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