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Ronald Roy – November 16, 2011

Compared to Manny Pacquiao’s previous championship blockbusters, his so-called deciding third match with Juan Manuel Marquez last November 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada was almost a total bore. My personal scoring saw the Pacman a winner with seven rounds to his credit and five going to Marquez.

We should all remain calm of if a large majority of Mexicans around the world think that their compatriot “wuz robbed”—to borrow a loser’s gripe in boxing parlance. That’s understandable, for that’s what national bias does.

It’s the opposite in our case. Our idol failed to beat Marquez to a pulp, so we derided him. Shame on us! Frankly, I don’t believe Manny needs a fourth match to prove he’s the superior fighter. A win is a win by whatever means recognized in the sport.

However, if the Pacman had lost, it still might have been no skin off his nose, because he has earned more than enough to bankroll a campaign for the maiden presidency of the almost-predictable Bangsamoro Republic of Mindanao.

And that, my dear readers, is what the money does, and we can all consider that a foregone conclusion with Washington’s expected neocolonial blessings. His Excellency, President Manny the Pacman Pacquiao! Heaven forbid!!!

Incidentally, Manny reportedly said during an interview: “If it’s true Marquez took swigs of his PISS (urine) between some rounds, well, I gave him a dose of my own PISS (Power, Intelligence, Speed and Style) .“

No doubt, the most remarkable revelation is that Pacquiao’s mystique of invincibility has suddenly evaporated. He is, after all, beatable, human, a Mortally Vincible Pugilist.

Talking about scoring, I did a private random survey on P-Noy’s performance with respect to a wide range of issues over Mindanao. Of 24 respondents, 4 abstained. The remaining 20 were: 2 Catholic Bishops, a parish priest, 2 former cabinet members of the late President Cory Aquino, 2 college graduates, 4 public school teachers, 2 retired generals, 2 newsboys, a bistro waitress, 2 former bank presidents and 2 housewives.

The question was: With 75% as the passing mark, how would you grade President Aquino’s handling of the Mindanao problem? Behold the composite score of 43.65%! Behold the appalling depiction of a failed leader in the eyes of his people!!

Again, let it be re-stressed even to the point of boredom, that it is hardly P-Noy’s fault he was thrust into the man-size chores of the presidency, via the fortuitous demise of his mother and the head of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, along with his substandard nine-year record as a solon.

Much as we’d like to totally support him, we dare not do so lest the neocolonialists do him in (refer to Neocolonial Dragons, this column, October 19, 2011) – an eventuality he surely knows of as well.

Given that these neocolonial and other exogenous pressures are beyond his control, nor his people’s—coupled with the fact that any president is, by the very nature of his office, a man behind the eight ball who is always judged on the exacting standards of public and private deportment— P-Noy may pathetically be regarded as a Much Vilified President, a fate he does not deserve.

This is not to dismiss the suggestion of a low-profile former cabinet member of Cory’s administration that, if P-Noy and a critical mass of Filipinos could get their act together, he might yet emerge as a Most Victorious President for all Filipinos.

Vlick to see Forbes articleI cannot resist musing further on the initials MVP, as they apply most appropriately to mega tycoon, Manuel V. Pangilinan, the man you see everywhere— in telecommunications, coliseums, high-rise structures, real-estate, escalating water and electricity rates,  railways, hospitals and oh, why not our shrinking household budgets?!

Would it not be fitting therefore to dub Mr. Pangilinan as the Most Visible Proxy (allegedly of Indonesia’s Salim Group of Companies)? Help! Help! Will somebody up there please muster the courage to bring back to life the long-dead anti-dummy law?

It’s a pity Mr. Pangilinan could be big business’ Most Visible Protector of the masses if he truly cared.

Having ended this piece and getting ready to call it a night, I turn on my TV set. I am jolted by high drama that is taking place in the premises of an airport. I rub my eyes in disbelief if it is Dr.  Hannibal Lecter, who has escaped the dragnet.

Alas, it is not! It is a small ugly woman wearing a neck brace who has been prevented by the Department of Justice and Immigration authorities from taking a flight to freedom!

With sirens blaring down the slippery avenues of Taguig City, she and her entourage are now headed back to St. Luke’s Hospital— spent, outraged and swearing those who dared defy the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order would first be held in contempt  of the high tribunal, then disbarred, and ultimately hanged in a public square.

Will this tension-filled spectacle— which is proving to be stranger than Hannibal-like fiction— end in triumph for the Most Villainous Pariah?.


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