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Rise or fall

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Rise or fall
Ronald Roy  — November 02, 2011

The motion picture There Be Dragons could not come to our cinemas at a more auspicious time than today’s sedulous search for peace, peace not only over conundrum-plaguedMindanao, but also over our muddled communities, homes and personal lives.

Click to see movie trailer -- There Be DragonsSet against the Spanish Civil War of the 1930’s, There Be Dragons is an exciting saga about forgiveness— that innate power of any person to practice peace if he is humble enough to acknowledge two things: one, he is not all that perfect, and two, his enemies are not all that imperfect.

The movie, to my mind a potential nominee for Oscars and honors at other major film festivals, is also an epic about the consuming power of God’s love that enables us to see Christ in the faces or our fellowmen, especially the downtrodden, and including in no small way agnostics and atheists.

Foremost, the story is a joyous reminder by Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of the Opus Dei, that anybody can be a saint, however lowly his or her station in life may be. There Be Dragons, verily, is a shattering testament of Hope in a troubled world.

Let nobody think that elusive peace can be found as easily as any new brand of shoes in the market can be sold through catchy slogans. Beyond being a corny play on words, “all-out-justice” is a disgraceful and un-statesmanlike affront to one who once served as our republic’s president.

It is a crude attempt to upstage or steal thunder from former President Erap Estrada, whose all-out-war approach was actually a resounding success, as it demolished sixteen identified MILF military camps in Abu-Bakr.

The slogan betrays one’s puerility in recording one’s own egotistical legacy, an autobiographic statement based on self-serving bias.

Angie Roy, echoing the sentiments of members of the militant Concerned Citizens’ Movement (CCM), could not have been more emphatic when she blurted out: “Whether P-Noy likes it or not, he is doing an Erap with his ‘all-out-justice’ type of escalating ground and air offensives!”

And if the MILF is stronger today, it is because Gloria Arroyo called Erap a war freak and returned Abu-Bakr to the Moro rebels. The big fear now is MILF has probably grown to be the unwitting government’s partner in nation-dismemberment, if   P-Noy’s grant of P5M for the Moros’ so-called “leadership training” is any indication.

Let’s consider this similar hypothesis. Armed men barge into the home of Jose. They hog-tie him up, along with his wife and three teenaged girls. They drive off the family’s two vans and cart away jewelry and other expensive personalty like computers, iPhones, iPads, and etc. – all totaling P22M

While a manhunt is ongoing, a man identifying himself as an agent of the gang leader approaches him with a deal. He explains the guilt-stricken gang leader’s offer of an amicable settlement. Under the deal, Jose will see a restitution of 85% of his total loss provided he desists from pressing charges. Immediately, Jose agrees, and is so overjoyed that he even gives the agent P50,000 as goodwill pocket money.

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Quintos-DelesIn effect, Mr. President, this is what your alter ego, Harvard-educated Teresita Deles, did! If you don’t rectify her error, you are deemed to have committed the impeachable act of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the state, the MILF.

Dear readers, isn’t this now the dumbest thing our president has ever done to merit an outright impeachment?! He can thank his lucky stars the Congress still swells with his supporters. Well, it’s not exactly his fault the fortuitous passing of his mother and the head of the Iglesia Ni Cristo catapulted him to the Palace. Could this be the cruel working of fate? Hmmm…

In any event, it may fairly be said a majority of Filipinos will remain behind his anti-corruption agenda, although his next survey ratings are certain to take a substantial dip. It may likewise be fairly supposed that P-Noy is aware that it would be futile for him to say NO toAmerica’s neocolonial policy makers.

And he must by now be quite aware that political personalities of the past who dared to oppose the gringos had a way of disappearing from the political landscape, one way or the other, either as sitting presidents or as candidates for the presidency.

America’s global-cop initiatives are getting to be more ubiquitous these days, the latest prey being Libyan tyrant Moammar Gaddafi. Well, serves the despot right! But beyond the sleazy gun-toting posturings, is the suave brinkmanship called diplomatic interventionism which Mr. President is as pernicious as naked imperialism.

Read the signs, Sir. One, Syria has sounded the alarm over what it sees as America’s insidious intervention in its internal affairs.

Two, White House officials have disclosed that the conflict in Southern Philippines is among the primary issues that the US government wants to discuss with the 57-member Organization of Islamic Conference OIC).

Three, the US State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to the country was not planned to amuse you by playing computer games with you, but to convince you to agree to a scheme of solving the raging issues overMindanaothrough charter change.

Four, do not be surprised if Gloria Arroyo, if allowed to seek further medical treatment abroad, will never come back since it would be to the interests of Americaif she didn’t, lest she spill the beans on a quid pro quo deal thatAmerica would keep her in power provided she did not obstruct its neocolonial intentions overMindanao.

Mr. President, rest assured the Filipino people will not allow a Balkanization of their country, assuming of course their ratification of an amended or revised constitution is not rigged. But, then again, there’s the rub—these gringos are the best at thwarting the sovereign will—anywhere, anytime—and to think they invented democracy! Or so they think.

Mr. President, Quezon’s immortality was enshrined in the pantheon’s of Filipino heroes when he passionately declared he’d rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than one run like heaven by Americans.

If you want to do a Quezon, and we think you should, why don’t you simply tell those southern renegades to talk peace with you inManila, and not inMalaysiaor elsewhere? In other words, negotiate peace on our sovereign terms, Mr. President.

Then you can start running the country with a little more dignity, stateliness and that kind of selfless caring your people crave from a leader, one by whose side they’ll proudly stand— ready to rise or fall.

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