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For God and Country

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For God and Country
Ronald Roy  — October 26, 2011

Those who are against an all-out war policy should muse on the wisdom of two sages, one: an 18th century German romantic poet and critic, August Wilhelm von Schlegel, who called historians “prophets looking backwards”, and two: a 19th century Spanish philosopher and writer, George Santayana, who warned that “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”.August Wilhelm von Schlegel

President Noynoy Aquino and his supporters are not the historians Schlegel had in mind. But they are certainly those whom Santayana would warn. In the light of the foregoing, I can be counted on by countless Filipinos who are willing to contribute to the effort, by whatever means possible, to wage a righteous war to win the peace.

Peace means that our families, homes and liberties are secure. The point can never be belabored: Peace must be cherished, fought for and even died for. Aren’t our families, homes and liberties the priceless treasures worth dying for?

Former President Erap Estrada must mean just that when he advocates an all-out war against the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Font (MILF). He means to interdict, once and for all, the secessionist Moros’ scheme to break our will to remain a republic through a series of devious stratagems.

Typically, these congenital liars have broken their word once too often—each time at the cost of the lives and dreams of peaceful citizens. Are we to reject an all-out war because, according to Prof. Marivic Leonen, “Erap tried it but failed, as proven by the fact that the MILF has even become stronger”?

Leonen and those who agree with him forget (or pretend to forget) that after Erap demolished 16 MILF military camps, he immediately placed the area under military control, and that was the end of it, or so he thought.

Unfortunately, as events would later unfurl, GMA, feeling guilty about how she had led a cabal to unconstitutionally boot Erap out of office, would call him a war freak in a move to win favor with the people, and she would forthwith return the territory to the MILF.

So, are we to reject Erap’s prescription of an all-out war because, according to Mr. Fidel Ramos, it is too pyrrhic, id est, too costly a solution— like burning down an entire house just to kill a rat? We all understand Mr. Ramos’ concerns for loss of lives and property, but he speaks out of a bad memory.

ErapErap’s bombardment of Abu-Bakr was not indiscriminate. He and his generals actually zeroed in on those 16 specific MILF military camps. He did what any self-respecting commander-in-chief would have done. And he would now do it again, like any self-respecting commander-in-chief would do under the prevailing conditions.

Verily, Santayana, if around, would not only address his caveat to Ramos, Leonen and their supporters, but would likewise suggest to them conscientious administrations of memory pills.

Is it true that P-Noy plans to ask the MILF to surrender any identified Moro killers of soldiers? But, not only is that futile, it is… I comment further naught, lest I be picked up for inciting to sedition!

And now, Sen. Gringo Honasan recommends that government draft a comprehensive and long-term peace policy similar to that carried out in the Ramos administration. Heh, heh, maybe Gringo needs some memory pills, too.

Nur MisuariWhy hasn’t he mentioned that Ramos’ peace plan failed because Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chair Nur Misuari could not account for the seed money amounting to some 2 to 3 billion pesos (a super fortune then) which was intended for the families in Morolandia?

Could it be that the bulk of the largesse went to the construction of those 16 military camps in Abu-Bakr? This was the public suspicion which Misuari, of course, denied; but there’s no denying the fact that shortly afterwards, the MILF emerged and came to be known as MNLF’s splinter group.

Come to think of it, by connecting the dots, one would be an idiot for failing to see the secessionists’ grand deception that started with the MNLF, out of which was born the MILF, which later saw defections by so-called runaway groups like the Abu Sayyaf, the Kato splinter group, etc.

Amidst the spate of ongoing backhanded ambushes, people wonder why there are no sustained pursuit operations. People wonder why the peace talks have not been suspended despite repeated violations of the ceasefire agreement. Texter #2999 wonders if P-Noy is taking orders from Obama. My texting friend, your guess is as good as mine.

Luneta Hostage CrisisWe gave P-Noy a failing mark in his first test in crisis management, which was occasioned at the height of that infamous Luneta carnage close to two years ago. Now that he has a chance to redeem himself, he is not doing any better than to make a corny vow to give “all-out-justice” for the victims of the Moro atrocities. He seems unable to see the bigger picture of things. He is also pikon— like mother like son?

I’ve never done this before, but now I will. O mighty Allah, why do you tolerate head-chopping savages whom you call “children”—they, notorious defiers of the Geneva Convention, who aspire to be a separate sovereign state, or substate, whatever that is? Why do you reward them for crimes against humanity?

The prevailing turmoil has no doubt brought Christians to frequent moments of prayer and meditation. For them nothing could be more comforting and inspirational than their shepherds’ support for what they feel to be a righteous call to arms.

Atomic BombI was right in not anticipating that support from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), given that they had never tried, not once, to convince the malevolent Gloria Arroyo to resign. But I was shocked to learn they are supporting P-Noy because “nobody wins in a war”. Alas, the demons must be upon us!

America dropped two atomic bombs and immediately won the war!! Remember?!

It is utterly dismaying that our bishops have forgotten the wartime stories of the valorous St. Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer and yes, those stout-hearted Christian naval forces from Rome, Venice and Spain who fought and won the famed Battle of Lepanto—for God and country.

Battle of Lepanto

Battle of Lepanto

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