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Dobermann Pinscher

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Dobermann Pinscher
Ronald Roy  -September 13, 2011

        Abraham Lincoln will forever be honored by the world’s true-blue democrats for his declaration that: Democracy is the  government of the people, by the people and for the people. 

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons

       However, I doubt if he had any inkling that his fellow Americans generations later would espouse a creed so opposite his, i.e., the undermining of small nations, weak but endowed with natural resources— such as in PH’s case: oil, gold and other minerals, not to mention a site for a military base— in order to control and utilize the same in furtherance of America’s imperialist intention to remain as the most powerful nation on earth.

       While turning in his grave, poor Honest Abe need not look beyond the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in search of the culprit to rebuke for those gratuitous offshore misadventures which only serve to betray American paranoia over China’s remarkable current position as the world’s second-strongest economy.

       For my money, experts have correctly calculated that China, within the next four years, will replace theUnited States in the totem pole of global power.

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons       The CIA is a federal agency in the US responsible for coordinating government intelligence activities in America and elsewhere. And for our part, we need not look beyond the CIA in identifying the principal culprit behind our age-long problems with the Moros of Mindanao.

       Imperialism is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force or other means and, in the case of America, it is the ugly side of its face.

From Greatdogsite.com

       The CIA is America’s ferocious attack dog, a Dobermann pinscher, a canine known to rub out even its own master, the US President, whenever it sees fit in the national interest.

       I’ve been to America a number of times— five of my grandchildren are American citizens— and though Americans are generally racist, I do treasure special friendships with many of them. They can be so exceedingly polite and pleasant.

       American secret agents are trained to be amiable and simply oh, so nice. You wouldn’t suspect they were insidiously picking on your mind.

       Strangely however, sometime a few years back, two such agents candidly introduced themselves to me as Fil-Am CIA agents, hoping I would support their mission to convince the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to pressure GMA into stepping down.

       The US Embassy had long identified me as among Manila’s hard-hitting anti-GMA journalists, and as a daily-mass devotee—wow, even that they knew! – and so they thought I might be willing to organize a potent tri-media group to influence the CBCP to assent to the plan. I did not agree.

       First of all, I needed proof that these guys were for real. One of them invited me to the US Embassy and, well, I guess I got that proof when, as we passed through, a guard at the entrance executed a snappy salute with a perfunctory “Sir!”

       The ensuing tête-à-tête with his senior officer during the latter’s 15-minute coffee break more than convinced me these guys were for real, what with their passionate approbation when I cited Lincoln’s grasp of a people’s sovereign power to overthrow their own tyrant at their pleasure.

       I lost no time in seeing Bishop Deogracias Yñiguez, the CBCP’s Chair for Political Affairs, to get him interested in the plan. But he did not agree because he and a large majority in the CBCP had already heeded the advice of Pope Benedict XVI not to run afoul with our constitutional process for the removal of Gloria Arroyo from office.

       The failure of the plan notwithstanding, we can appreciate the CIA’s smooth shift of tactics from forcing GMA out of office to keeping her in power via: a quid pro quo deal, whereby she could stay in office provided she did not obstruct America’s game plan overMindanao.

       But don’t be surprised that the oh-so-nice snoops can be oh-so-clumsy, such as when I received two texted threats on my life after I wrote four articles against America’s secret expansionary policy of imperialism.

       US Embassy Manila Confidential Cable via WikiLeaksWhich brings us to where we are now: a wild and wooly hearsay-infested guessing game about front-line personalities and corporate entities rumored to be players, witting and unwitting, within the CIA network— like WikiLeaks!

       WikiLeaks is such a mind-blowing cyberspace phenomenon that the only sensible hypothesis is that it’s got to be a CIA tool created to operate— conceivably in tandem with Mossad, the principal secret intelligence service of Israel— for the purpose of generating confusion calculated to benefit American interests.

       If curiosity can kill a cat, well, why shouldn’t the proverb go both ways? If the CIA is inquisitive about my country’s internal affairs, shouldn’t I likewise be interested in prying into its covert operations? If it draws flawed conclusions from its own gawky activities, shouldn’t I claim the right to do the same?

       Tit for tat, eh, America? So, here I go!

       Washington Sycip of Sycip Gorres and Velayo (SGV) is one bigger-than-life American citizen of Chinese descent. He owns the largest spy network in Asia consisting of his front organization, the Manila-based SGV, which has branch offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.

       The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) founded by Sycip, has since the late 40’s remained the source of technocrats for the filling up of sensitive positions in government and top private companies.

       Mr. President, these CIA spooks are crawling all over the place! You cannot fight them because they are the system. But don’t you back down, Sir! By all means, play hard ball, but play it smart— with your fingers crossed!

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