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Watch What Happens

Watch What Happens
Ronald Roy  -August 30, 2011

       There’s nothing like starting the day with a big laugh— that is, if we go by the dictum that laughter is the best medicine. Here are a few my cellphone picked up over the past week (reactions are mine).

1) Raul Lambino, Legal spokesperson for the Arroyos: “Top-notch lawyers have offered their services to CGMA for free, repeat: for free, because they believe in her innocence”. Hahahaharay ko po!

2) The attending physicians of CGMA have just announced they “are now convinced her spine started to become crooked at the start of the campaign for the 2004 presidential derby.” Ho ho ho (x90).

3) The letters CG of CGMA should be changed for being an unkind allusion to the red-light district of seedy beer gardens. Heh heh heh ..ooops… why am I laughing? RGMA (Representative GMA) would be most appropriate.

4) President Erap, during a radio interview on DZBB:“Ipagdasal natin si Gng. Gloria Arroyo. Napakalubha ang kanyang sakit: ang sakit ng pangungurakot.” Wahahahaha!

5) Finally placed on the hot seat before senatorial probers on the choppers imbroglio, Mike sings to Iggy a famous tune popularized by Sinatra: Come fry with me, let’s fry , let’s fry away …” Whahahay (x30)!

        On my initiative, the conveners of the Concerned Citizens’ Movement (CCM) led by Chair Bettina Legarda recently held a meeting of CCM leaders to discuss the worrisome snail-paced investigations looking into the sanitized Mayuga Report.

       At length, all agreed to request the movement’s pro bono legal arm and co-convener Harry Roque to retrieve all pertinent records of the People’s Court believed to be in the possession of senators Chiz Escudero and Alan Peter Cayetano, and to use the same in the filing of CCM’s first 2004 election-related complaint for plunder. Atty Roque set September 15 as the deadline for his task.

       It will be recalled that the defunct People’s Court, then chaired by former Vice President Tito Guingona, regularly met to collect and collate any and all forms of evidence, buttressing the widespread belief that Gloria Arroyo stole the vote from front-running presidential bet Ronnie Poe. The People’s Court gradually lost steam in the face of the diminutive power-grabber’s despotic counter-offensives.

       Today, seven years later, CCM makes it clear that RGMA’s pathetic physical condition does not warrant a change of heart in what was once a resounding clamor to prosecute her for felonies of the most heinous sort ever in the presidency’s history.

       All in attendance at CCM’s meeting echoed the common sentiment that such sympathy as for the ailing RGMA should “yield to the imperatives of justice and the majesty of the law”.

       CCM’s strategy is simple: File in court a complaint for a non-bailable felony, like plunder, and immediately the accused will be locked up in jail or, if confined in a hospital, will be placed under hospital arrest and a hold-departure order will forthwith be issued by a court.

       This way, there would be absolutely no legal basis for the President to allow even a terminally ill accused to seek treatment abroad just because he or she can afford it, or for humanitarian reasons. P-Noy must remember that his oath of officer prohibits him from making an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of arrestees, especially on such grounds as gender, social standing and wealth.

       If you, Mr. President, allow Gloria Arroyo to go abroad for treatment for humanitarian reasons, then by all means extend the same concession to all other arrestees. Sir, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

       If at all, Sir, RGMA and confreres—believed to have committed non-bailable heinous crimes— are the least deserving of your misplaced compassion. If at all, it is with their victims that you must commiserate— ang taong bayan.

       Good Lord, is ours a society with a warped sense of Justice and a tortured understanding of the law?! Holduppers and other common criminals are speedily tried and sentenced. But ahh, if there are “common” criminals, the there must be “special”criminals— is that it?! Special criminals like wealthy patients with crooked minds… er… crooked cervical spines?

       By the way, you there, Iggy Arroyo, now in a London hospital for treatment of an alleged liver ailment! Pare, murang herbal medication lang yan sa Quiapo! Anyway, where’d you get the moolah that flew you to London for an expensive medical therapy, eh, Mr. Pidal?

       Wanna bet, any lawyer worth his salt can prove that the money you claim to be yours is ours? Di ba, before your sister-in-law grabbed power in 2001, you were merely renting an apartment in your hometown?

       And you naman, P-Noy, who’s in charge of law enforcement, you, or de Lima? I’m disappointed with you, Sir. Since you sang Sergio Mendes’ Latin version of Watch What Happens at your inaugural bash, nothing much has happened in your drive against plunderers.

       Well, you and de Lima can drag your feet all you want . For its part, CCM will have started sprinting by September 15, and when that happens, watch what happens.

       I close with a request for prayers for Mr. Basilio Estanislao, Land Bank President from 1973 to 1986, who passed away last August 23 at the age of 96. It was my honor to have served on the LBP Board of Directors during the last seven years of his watch.

       “Estan” was the allegorical rock, the foundation, from which arose and grew an old-fashioned corporate culture of delicadeza, integrity, frugality, industry and selflessness. Verily, he was the quintessential public servant.

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