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Who had Bubby Dacer killed?

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Who had Bubby Dacer killed?
Ronald Roy  – December 13, 2008

       Ever heard the hauntingly romantic ballad entitled A Touch of Summer?  It enthralled Manila Hotel guests, Henry Mancini included, at the hotel lobby whenever Joselito Pascual played in on the Yamaha grand piano.  Bubby Dacer loved it, as did my very dear friend Lulu Casas-Quezon who nagged me to death to have it recorded until Vicor Recording Studios produced a Tagalog song for Anthony Castelo.

       But Gayuma (Enchantment) never became a hit, sad to recall.  Well, surprises are not unusual in the art of songwriting where hits are sometimes difficult to predict.  Mona Lisa was rejected by Frank Sinatra who thought it was a “weak work of art.”  But Blue Eyes got the shock of his life when Nat King Cole produced a “gold” out of it.  I composed Gayuma, Tagalog lyric and music, and still can’t believe it didn’t make the chart.  Oh well, perhaps it didn’t conform to the trends then prevailing. 

       But the all-in-white mustachioed press relations consultant hummed along A Touch of Summer when I played it one day on the lobby lounge’s keyboard on request of Lulu.  The melody made her misty-eyed, and also buoyed up Bubby’s spirits who was then having a bad day.  The fellow had just received a final eviction notice from the hotel if he didn’t settle his rental payables.  “They are going to eject me if I fail to pay up by 5 pm, Friday next week.  (Former) President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR), my client, refuses to pay the fees for services already rendered by me.  He can come to my rescue, if he wants to.

       “Pero ayaw magbayad si Tabaco (but Tobacco doesn’t want to pay),” Bubby intoned, in reference to the cigar-smoking former president’s adamant refusal to settle his debt.  “He owes me in seven figures, brother, and that’s no joke.”  I then interjected, “Why don’t you see Erap for a public relations retainer?  I’m sure he will help you.” Thoughtfully looking up, he replied that Erap would surely help him. “Erap is a generous man.  Besides, he’s my kumpare, being the baptismal godfather of my daughter.  Yes, I’ll see Erap tomorrow. Thanks.”

       Then, when I asked him how he was doing with his other clients, he said, “In this business, be ready to be caught in conflict-of-interest situations.  By that, I refer to the problem of appeasing warring clients.  For example, how do I handle a dispute between two brothers, both my clients, a congressman and a retired police colonel, who are both eying the same gubernatorial post? Do you know their rivalry reached a point where their bodyguards shot it out in an agora?  And do you know that both are now blaming me for their differences? Look, brother, I don’t want to get hurt here!”  Hmm, were his words ominous?  He had other conflict-of-interest cases.

       “Oh, by the way, how beautiful your Touch of Summer is, brother!”  That was his parting shot, humming the melody as he walked across the lobby toward his office.  That was also the last time I saw Bubby Dacer, the mustachioed man in white who was pleading for his professional life.  Little did I know he would soon be pleading for his very life.

       Two days later, the front pages showed pictures of Bubby and Erap in a jovial mood, a small girl standing between them.  It was perhaps a few hours after Dacer’s courtesy call on President Estrada that the former was reported to have been abducted allegedly by personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP).  I recall that FVR was among the first to announce the abductio to the public.  I also recall the gory details of Bubby’s and his driver Corbito’s torture and execution hugging trimedia’s frenzied attention in the ensuing weeks.  The political enemies of then PNP Chief Panfilo “Ping” Lacson quickly drummed up a veiled innuendo that Ping masterminded the two murders.  It is therefore pertinent to ask who Ping’s enemies were at that time.

       I remember that when PNP Chief Lacson won a Senate seat, he exposed the scandalous Pidal accounts that shocked the world because they implicated the First Gentleman as the architect of a modus operandi to illegally raise funds for bankrolling his wife’s presidential candidacy in the 2004 elections.  The charges which Sen. Lacson aired on the floor of the Senate so enraged the Palace that its attack dogs, like ISAPH Chief Victor Corpus, a woman called Rosebud, a certain hooded long-jawed Mawanay, one Blanquita Pelaz and her mother, ganged up on the senator in a manner suggesting orchestration by someone up there.  Fortunately for Ping,  the attack dogs sloppily chased after him by barking up the wrong tree at every turn, leading me to muse that perhaps justice does play a hand against insidious frame-ups.  To this day, these enemies of Sen. Lacson have nothing on him.

           So, who ordered Dacer and his driver killed?  Erap, as cynics suggest?  My conversation with Bubby and personal knowledge of Erap completely exonerate him.  On the contrary, that conversation suggests that FVR, along with some conflict-of-interest political personalities, was Bubby’s press relations client who was hostile to him.  For lack of strong evidence, however, I cannot point an accusing finger at anybody in particular.

       Remember Rep. Mark Jimenez who returned from America to the cheers of people who expected him to clinch the case against Nani Perez on the Impsa deal?  Well, didn’t he mysteriously clamp up?  Think of confronting a despot and ask if you’ve got a chance at evading political brute power!  Do we then need to wonder that two alleged anti-Lacson witnesses may come home with perjured sworn statements?

*                                   *                                   *

       Don’t worry about the profanity, Sen. Mar Roxas!   That was simply great.  P— Ina talaga!

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