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The Winds Of Change

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The Winds Of Change
Ronald Roy  — November 12, 2008

       The winds of change have come to blow the usual climes away / The underdogs will set the pace Obama and Pacquiao / The loudest cheer will shake the land on Gloria’s fall from grace / Like Oscar she will reel and flip and lie flat on her face.

       The foregoing bit of poetry in my favorite iambic tetrameter suggests a portent of things to come that were foreseen over 400 years ago.  Who would have thought a black man would be elected President of the United States of America?  But Barack Obama won a landslide last Nov. 4, and on January 20 will assume the awesome responsibility of leading the world to stave off its economic disintegration. 

       At the same time, it’s logical to suppose that after the post-election euphoria that swept over all the four corners of the globe, the man of words will have a moment for himself on his first day of office to grope for the thoughts that will explain what the heck he got himself into; unless, of course, his unexpected victory was meant to let him secretly gloat as the Antichrist.  One of the greatest seers of all time, Nostradamus, wrote in his quatrains about the rise in the end times of an exceedingly charismatic world leader who would bring about the final holocaust in Armageddon.

       Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?  Reader Sam Borra seems to think so, given a prophesied confluence of Obama’s personal charisma, oratorical prowess, and unexpected emergence on the world stage as the savior of mankind.  But then, who wants to dwell on doomsday?  In the context of reality, Obama is an ordinary mortal, like you and me, who daringly romanticized his quest for political prominence, got it, but will soon be in trouble if he doesn’t watch it. 

       Obama’s call for change was the right tact from the very start.  It is, in fact, the tritest challenge which opposition candidates routinely hurl at incumbents, more so in the case of the ill-fated performance of Dubya Bush.  It reached a point where Bush started to irreversibly falter as he entered the last two years of his administration.  His stewardship in world affairs was so bad the American dream was seen to be frittering away from American households.  Suddenly, the voters had a new cry: “Black is beautiful!”  And when Wall Street collapsed, it was all over but the shouting.

       So, what can Barack Obama do?  Perhaps a few simple basics.  If Bush was an incorrigible hawk, Obama must reach out to all nations as a dove.  He badly needs their respect and cooperation.  American cannot get the job done alone, and the world knows this, but China, Japan and much of Europe will surely be there on Obama’s entreaties to contribute to the global effort.  Universal synergy, principally among the leading economies, is the fundamental strategy, and this should be achieved with a refreshing policy of Obama’s brand of trust and amity, but with nary a diminished outlook on terrorism.  Needless to state, his leadership on the domestic front will face the proverbial acid test for presidential tyros.

       But he need not fear.  America will, as always, rally behind a new president, very specially now that it must uphold its tradition of being democracy’s greatest bulwark on the planet.  However, it remains to be seen if America’s political will can ensure that without risking a rupture of foreign relations with its trademark imperialist ways.  Well, I don’t think America should take any chances.  If America is the Lion King that is not known to remove its mane and stop growling, it may well court the prophesy of its own extinction in a pointless struggle for vainglorious supremacy, because all will perish in this struggle.

       Incidentally, Filipinos, Malaysians, terrorists, Muslim secessionists and other concerned elements are keenly watching how Obama will play his hand in Mindanao.  It is worrisome that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the type who will give away the rich island in exchange for her survival.  But then, who knows, really, given all indications Obama will not touch her with a ten-foot pole?  Notwithstanding Sec. Dureza’s assurance that Gloria went to Chicago to say hello to our OFWs and certainly not to play footsies with the new US president?  Hahaha!  What a laugh! 

*                                   *                                   *

       GMA failed to talk to Obama in Chicago, so she decided to text him.  GMA: Hi, Barack!  Congratulations on behalf of the Filipino people.

       Obama texted back: K, tnx.  Hu u? (Courtesy of Marietta Goco)

*                                   *                                   *

       When former Speaker Jose de Venecia endorsed the impeachment complaint filed by his son Joey de Venecia III, he may have accusingly pointed a finger with three others of the same hand pointed back at him. Administration congressmen have called this a sour-graping stunt by an old man past his prime. We should call it courage.  Joe is aware that in the name of truth he cannot let his son and country down.  He probably knows he’s out on a limb, politically speaking, i.e., but who cares? For him it is truth above anything else, one last shining moment, a redeeming valedictory perhaps.


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