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Los Cojones De Nacionalismo

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Los Cojones De Nacionalismo
Ronald Roy  — September 10, 2008

        Once in a big big while, I get some flack from GMA fans with tempers ranging from the benign inggit lang kayo to the life-threatening #@! sana kayong lahat.  As a rule, I remain calm when under verbal assault.  But it sometimes reaches a point where, following my chosen format of interaction with people in general and readers in particular, I allow the publication of dissenters’ grievances of the #@! sort.

       Well, excerpts that I received from #2737 are somewhere in-between, hereunder quoted and given the most liberal leeway to his fullest satisfaction.  I trust he will at least appreciate my sporting leave by which his penchant for insult is generously recognized as freedom.  I feel his thoughts proceed from a good heart, really, and am even willing to allow their ventilation, if only for the needed therapy we can derive from their comic content during these stressful days.  So, here goes #2737’s tirade sans the sics.

       “Mr. Roy, I was reading your last column and just like the political opposition you are salivating to grab the power of GMA and her government. . . love of country wala ka nito (ouch!). . . you are writing things that is full of hatred, inciting people to hate the government of GMA. . . whether you like it or not, GMA is the legitimate president with a very clear mandate from us who voted for her, the Congress, the Supreme Court, PPCRV, Namfrel, US Embassy who all strongly believe GMA won the presidential election in 2004. . . Remember this formula, love of country equals having faith in government, serving honestly and productively, respect the government institutions and working hard without expecting rewards (not even performance bonuses? Wow!), sori wala ka nito (ouch again!)”

       I find your formula of love of country interesting, #2737.  But it is a flawed formula if only because you can’t distinguish between country and government, and between government and administration.  The political opposition does not seek to undermine, subvert or overthrow the government, although it seeks to remove inept and corrupt government people, the Palace squatter herself included.  It holds fast to the prayer that, the Hello Garci scandal and other past election-related anomalies notwithstanding, it will sweep the elections of 2010.

       Me? Well, never ever in my life have I salivated for political privilege or position.  I could have easily qualified for a cabinet position in the Marcos, Ramos and Estrada administrations, but I turned down the opportunities for a quieter life. I have countless friends in the government who are industrious and honest.  And if you are anything like them as you claim you are, then more power to you, my friend.  I salute you, even if you are undiscerning.  Oh, I’m concealing your identity to spare you from public derision.

*                                   *                                   *

       My top three choices to replace GMA, #0489?  First is former President Joseph Estrada (Erap). I’ve said this in numerous past columns, each time giving reasons therefor. There’s a new one. The war in Mindanao poses a supreme crucible of statesmanship. Los cajones de nacionalismo (literally, the balls of nationalism) of the Quezon-Recto-Marcos variety, recently placed Erap head and shoulders above his political contemporaries, when he pointedly warned America to quash its imperialist designs in Mindanao.  “The Mindanao conflict is ours alone to solve. Lay off!” If you can’t talk down foreign interventionists, you can’t be President of 90 million Filipinos.

       Another choice is the quiet industrialist Eduardo Cojuangco. Hardworking and generous to a fault, the country needs Danding principally for two things: his fabulous Midas touch in business, and his proven track record for blueprinting strategies to arrest and turn around agricultural problems. 

       The third but not the least is Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA, class ’71).  Ping is our PMA-bred reformist whose fierce aversions to the pork barrel system, corruption and crime are legend.  I hope to see any one of these three gentlemen  up there, preferably in a revolutionary set-up. Why?  Because a revolutionary takeover, or a coup, is the fastest way to dismantle the unwanted regime, and to accelerate the cleansing and rebuilding processes. Democratic elections can wait.

*                                   *                                   *

       Rep. Monico Puentevella’s doggedness in seeing the country snatch its first Olympic gold cannot be doubted.  Coming home from a pathetic zero output from our finest athletes, he said that breaking the national records is not enough. “Let us set aside excuses and admit it takes years and plenty of money to develop an Olympian of the level of the world’s best.  In China, I hear four-month old babies are thrown into the pool where they’re trained for fifteen years or so.

       “In the time of Marcos, super millionaires were tapped to finance the development of gold potentials in selected games where physical disparities would not place smaller Filipinos at a disadvantage. I’ll be happy with just one gold!” Let’s go for more, Mr. Puentevella! Let me then suggest our angels come from the moneyed gentry of Chavit Singson, Nani Perez, Joc Joc Bilante, Iggy Arroyo, Dato Arroyo, Mickey Arroyo, other administration solons and, what the heck, why not Fidel V. Ramos?

*                                   *                                   *

       What?! No it can’t be! Gloria has appointed her patalsikin-si-Erap co-conspirator as Deputy National Security Adviser? Well, #5018, I think there’s more than meets the eye here.  While it is true that a Presidential appointment is essentially a prerogative, the same is delimited by considerations of propriety which, sad to say, is not among Gloria’s traits.

       There isn’t a soul who has not heard of Singson’s alleged involvement in murders of political enemies, smuggling and jueteng operations, and tobacco-related anomalies in Ilocos Sur.   There isn’t a soul who has not heard about Singson’s alleged complicity in poll irregularities in the last senatorial elections in Mindanao. Even assuming all these are baseless rumors, the fact is: the man is shrouded in such notoriety as should have cautioned the Palace squatter to observe the highest degree of delicadeza.

       But then, what can you expect from a woman whose insensitivity to the public trust is a documented fact? Senators Legarda and Honasan are willing to take a chance with Singson. They miss the point, so I’ll ask Loren and Gringo: if they are willing to entrust the safety of their homes to  security agencies with the same appalling notoriety as Singson’s.

*                                   *                                   *

       A recent SWS survey showed Pinoys are happy with GMA’s nationwide programs.  The runaway favorite of the majority of respondents was “Dyesebel.” (Courtesy of Leslie Bocobo of SYERAP Files, with apologies to ABS-CBN and Palace sycophants).

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