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Queen Sacrifice, Mr. Ramos?

 Queen Sacrifice, Mr. Ramos?
Ronald Roy  6 August 2008

      Further to my pro-choice article last week: Sam Borra, a devout Tridentine secularist of the Church, sent me this text: “Before Pope Paul I died under mysterious circumstances suggesting he might have been slain, he was contemplating an encyclical that would advocate artificial methods.  He had seen the miseries of his siblings and other families, due to the burgeoning birthrates.  Pope John Paul 2 and Pope John 23 were of no help.  I fully agree with artificial methods which are not abortifacient.  Pope Benedict XVI may yet follow the idea of Pope John Paul I.”

 *                                   *                                   *

      Leo Santiago of Quiapo asks me how I “size up” former President Fidel V. Ramos in light of his increasingly hostile attitude against Gloria.  Well, Leo, basically two things are causing the man’s radical behavior, namely, 1) his almost total powerlessness in the circles of Lakas and Kampi, and 2) a need for bravado because the post-GMA scenario after 2010 will surely compel him to explain his perceived damning roles in some past anomalies, such as David Copperfield’s now-you-see-now-you-don’t Centennial Expo project, the Amari rip-off , and the Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard highway robbery.  

     Again, he needs to project himself as an elderly statesman-hero out to save a country as Gloria’s ship threatens to sink, thereby hoping people will rally to his cause and stop asking questions after she’s gone. But he may not succeed this time, Leo. People always pay for their errors, and Ramos’ consistent error in his political life is overrating himself and, to this extent, it can be said that his one great misfortune is his egotistical view of himself as the country’s reliable savior.

     Although not as scholarly and intelligent as his cousin Ferdinand E. Marcos, he however appears to be proving to be the foxier and more enduring brinkman — alas, perhaps, even a more consummate politician.  By his own reckoning, he has twice saved his country.  First, when he rallied to Jaime Cardinal Sin’s and then National Defense Secretary Juan Ponce-Enrile’s call for people power to oust Ferdinand Marcos in 1986; then second in 2000, when the same Cardinal led another people power to oust President Joseph E. Estrada.

     As a Protestant, Ramos was fully aware of the awesome traditional power of the Catholic Church over the political life of Filipinos, so he knew it would be foolhardy not to join the juggernaut of the popular Sin as it gathered momentum to crush the dictatorship at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue. And to dramatize his role in the historic event, Ramos the Protestant made sure he would be seen cradling in his arms the statue of Mary in the aftermath of the siege. Clever, eh?!

     At the height of the euphoria, he also made sure he would be long remembered for the attention-getting stunt of jumping and clicking his heels in mid-air. If only for its corniness and theatrical effect, that truly was an unforgettable act even for historians, some of whom could be, at this point, already priming themselves to see how he’ll “save” the country a third time. 

     I will never forget what the deposed Ferdinand Marcos told his visitors in Hawaii:

“My cousin begrudged me for not promoting him to AFP Chief of Staff. The security of the state, as well as that of my person, was of the highest interest, but I did not promote him because, for one thing, he did not have any combat experience. In fact, his lack of courage and experience showed as he was among the last to come out of hiding to join the coup against me.  For another, the ambitious man never gained my fullest trust.  So, now he’s on the other side shaking hands with the communists and secessionists.  God save our country!”

     You’re now in your end game, Mr. Ramos. I urge you to unleash a queen sacrifice! It’s your only viable option.

*                                   *                                   *

     I strongly believe Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Jose Sabio, Jr., has the better of the public opinion in his now sub judice word war with the self-admitted business hustler named Francis de Borja. On day one, when Mr. Sabio declared before the world that someone whom he refused to identify, representing Meralco, had attempted to bribe him with ₱10M which he however turned down, he seemed to be calling attention to his self-worth as an honest man in a bid to enhance his promotabilty to the Supreme Court (SC).

     By this misdemeanor, I feel Mr. Sabio would easily draw an administrative slap on the wrist from the SC.  I objectively saw his behavior as cheap and unethical, and tending to make him look naïve just by thinking he could get away with it.  But then, I would later consider, aren’t the simple-minded more trustworthy than the sophisticated? Isn’t naïveté a disarming trait that is one’s very badge of good character?

     Indeed, I had prejudged Justice Sabio, as ensuing developments now show. There’s more than meets the eye in the maze of facts, what with another CA Division writing a pro-Meralco decision after allegedly surreptitiously taking the case from the hands of Mr. Sabio’s Division to which it had previously been assigned.  There’s also more than meets the eye here, since any organization as wealthy as Meralco would have the power to alter the course of major events in a country weakened by the infectious greed of a small woman. Whether Meralco likes it or not, it must swim against the inexorable current of the public suspicion.

*                                   *                                   *

      We are in the throes of a civil war, #1221! Already, armed Muslims inMindanaohave Filipinos down on their knees. No, these armed secessionists are not human beings.  They are among Satan’s army released from the pits of hell to wreak havoc on our country.  Erap was right in demolishing them! Gloria was wrong in rehabilitating them!

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