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No to Assassination

No to Assassination
Ronald Roy  9 July 2008

       My article last week drew #5656’s suggestion that we go all out in sports development to produce champion-heroes of the Pacman variety who can “rebuild a shattered country where all its citizens are instilled with patriotism and discipline.” That sounds great, but that’s not exactly what I meant.  Record-breaking athletes will not bring about that kind of unity that can solve our socio-political conundrums.

       His ideas make me recall what Peping Cojuangco told me at a wake last year: “The only program that will move this country forward is national unity through sports.  Ronnie, this is what Manny Pacquiao does every time he knocks out an opponent.”  I found Peping’s advocacy to be a butterfly (missing the golf ball completely) or diving into a swimming pool without first checking if it has been emptied for cleaning.  Anyway, out of respect for the dead, I refrained from debating the point by feigning agreement with a timid uh-huh, and it should’ve ended there.

       Instead, however, he cleared his throat, furrowed his eyebrows, looked me in the eye, and pompously boomed, “Sports excellence will stifle political noise, and achieving it is the gargantuan challenge that has landed on my lap!” Whew! #5656, the problem of the country is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Therefore, to remove the problem, remove Gloria.  Simple lang.  The manner of her removal? Well, I’d dread to imagine her gory end at the instance of a lynching mob at any public square!

       If Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were alive today, they might not hesitate to rouse Filipinos to overthrow the tyrant from Malacañang.  This I say not because they were Presidents of America, the so-called cradle of democracy, but because they correctly discerned sovereignty as a current inexorably flowing from a divine origin. Thus, Filipinos can set aside their constitution and subdue Gloria, very especially where the most corrupt and repressive president inAsia’s history continues to rule without a mandate.

       Her forcible ouster, savage as it could turn out to be, would be the result of an inherent authority, circumscribed only by the Almighty from whom it is directly derived.  She can escape this fate, but only if she relinquishes the power she purloined two times over, and surrenders herself to the judicial autonomy of the citizens she has oppressed.  Let’s now proceed to a collective reaction to interrelated queries from six texters, #s 9058, 9890, 4988, 0215, 3006 and 7515, as follows.

*                                   *                                   *

       A presidential election in 2010 to choose GMA’s replacement is certain to result in a win by her candidate. Her unlimited illicit wherewithal and well-oiled cheating apparatus will see to that.  A revolution is a distinct possibility, but the changes we seek will not be achieved unless we are awakened by the same frenzy that spurred our forbearers to brandish their bolos against interlopers like Magellan, the friars and the Americans over a hundred years ago.  An assassination, a civilian-military grab and a coup are likewise possibilities. But NO I say to an assassination, which will only perpetuate the evil system with the succession of Mr. Noli de Castro.

       Reforms can come if GMA and her gang are tried and sentenced in accordance with the rule of law, and only if the constitution is suspended to give way to a total revamp and purge of the government.  This will happen as soon as patriots can take hold of the reigns of governance.  I don’t see specific time tables here, although an acceleration of these possibilities can be expected as 2010 draws nearer.

*                                   *                                   *

       Although Vice President Fernando Lopez was a principal sponsor in my wedding, and his son Albertito has remained a dear friend, I hardly know the rest of the Lopezes.  Doubts concerning their acquisition of Meralco shares continue to this day, and surely the company’s current image problems need a boost. Could Steve Psinakis’ coming book launch provide that lift at the expense of a long-gone dictator?

       Vice President Teofisto Guingona’s recent launch of his autobiography entitled Fight For the Filipino” was a blast at the Manila Hotel. A high percentage of invitees came, led by former presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada, the latter being the obvious favorite among some mobbing guests.  It was also the host’s 80th birthday celebration which he relished with well-wishers without being a bit bothered writing and signing all those autographs with his right arm in a sling.  I asked him, “What happened to your arm?” He replied, “I thought I was still 30.”  ‘When, where and why did it happen?” “Ronald, you’re an imaginative journalist. I’ll read your speculation in your column.”  Hmm, at 80 could it still be possible? Mabuhay ka, Kuya Tito!

*                                   *                                   *

       I hear Joe de Venecia is coming back to spill the ZTE-NBN beans before the Senate investigators two weeks from now.  After that, I’ll be back from a much-needed sabbatical. Until then, take care and God bless us all.

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