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Cardinals, scandals, morals and urinals

Cardinals, scandals, morals and urinals
Ronald Roy  -March 26, 2008

       An unabated barrage from anti-Mary critics impels me to help take the cudgels in her defense, well after the Lenten season has ended.  And this, I will not hesitate to do, even if it will seem to irreverently haul over the coals two infernal cardinals and a number of hellish bishops, who are generally believed by their flock to be on the take from their high priestess in Malacanang.

       The sagacious geopolitical analyst, Prof. Alejandro “Ding” Lichauco, phoned me to say how profoundly touched he was by my narration of two personal encounters with St. Therese of the Child Jesus, and by my terse rejoinder to “born-against” Christians who disparage Catholics for stupidly not realizing that Mary cannot hear their supplications for intercession, because she is too dead to hear anything.  Ding allowed me to quote him, more or less as follows.

       “My three nieces are Marian devotees, and they claim to have witnessed the Blessed Virgin’s apparitions in Rosales, Pangasinan.  Also, I know a colonel who claims Mary appeared to him to answer his prayers for professional enhancement.  Well, he was promoted to general shortly later.  I’m amazed at how some cynical Christians can ignore the force of logic and historical documents confirming Mary’s apparitions throughout the ages.  For instance, she was seen atop a Muslim mosque centuries ago, and she was once witnessed by Muslims standing above an ocean during a raging storm.  Needless to state, her instantaneous healings that took place over a hundred and fifty years ago cannot be ignored.  Anyway, those supernatural events furnish the best arguments that if there is a demon then there is a God.” 

       Amen, Ding.  And if I may add, these Christian non-believers are sometimes more damnable than agnostics and atheists. 

       In 1990, two years before my mother went to the Great Beyond, she called me to her bedroom to recount a Marian apparition just the day before in the same room.  She was then praying her rosary.  The Lady was garbed in blue and white, standing barefooted on a puff of cloud two feet above the floor, and was staring at her askance, radiantly smiling with her hands folded in prayer over her heart.  Throughout her narration, she stared with wide-eyed fascination at the spot where she claimed to have witnessed the Blessed Mother.

       Afterwards, she turned to me and said, “I am sharing with you this little secret of mine because I don’t want others to think I’m crazy.  I really saw her, as I clearly see you now, and I have chosen to tell you because you’ll believe me, being a psychic like myself.”  Consolacion Domingo-Roy, a deeply contemplative and selfless Marian devotee was an active officer of the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines.  She was also a recipient of the Papal Award made possible by Bishop Rolando Tria-Tirona.  Finally, I ask our skeptical Christian brethren: “When in the Garden of Eden, the Lord told the serpent He would put enmity between it and the woman, who do you think was that woman?”

*                                   *                                   *

       Efren Baltazar, a balikbayan friend vacationing in Manila, attended a retreat in Tagaytay that ended the Sunday previous to Palm Sunday.  He invited me to lunch at the Makati Bistro, and showed me after our repast a colored picture of Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales seated at a desk with a pen in hand, as if writing on a document, and attired in his usual red and white cassock and skull cap.  “Tito Ron, you are staring at a photo taken from my latest digital Canon camera, one that can snap pictures in rapid succession.  If you want to see black magic, please take the photo outside and hold it directly under sunlight.”  I did as requested.

       The cardinal’s hands and head vanished as quickly as if they were struck by sunlight, the pen and red skull cap horrifyingly hung in mid-air as if by some kind of deviltry.  Gasping, I returned the picture to the guffawing professional photographer-magician.  Efren explained that he sometimes uses in his magic shows a chemical to cause photo sensitive images to disappear under direct sunlight.  “He he, I’m sorry I don’t feel guilty making people laugh at Rosales’ expense because, after all, he seems demonic, being immensely disliked not only here but also in Filipino communities in America.  He and Cardinal Vidal share the same spotlight of notoriety, don’t they?!” Well, I’d like to ask them, “Gaudencio et Ricardo, quo vaditis (where are you going)?” Hopefully, they can answer that. 

       #1898, I agree with you.  On Palm Sunday, I went to the evening mass at Sanctuario de San Jose, and the homily thereat, featuring the latest pastoral letter written by Cardinal Rosales and signed by a dozen bishops, was a masterpiece of rhetorical panache and doctrinal finesse.  It was a perfect statement of the priestly vocation to save souls, to inspire the flock to love God and one another and, purposely zeroing in on the moral malady of the times, to stop breaching the seventh commandment against stealing.  Perfect, except for one thing: it blamed everybody except the evil bitch. Yes, #1898, I’m afraid the morals of some of the princes of the church are a throw back to the days of Rasputin, the Pharisees and Judas Iscariot.

       #2020, the justice system leaves much to be desired.  It’s not surprising that the Court of Appeals recently announced as a free man former Congressman Jose Villarosa, the convicted murderer of two Ateneo de Manila University students, Paul and Michael Quintos.  For eight years, the Quezon City Regional Trial Court assiduously handled the case while Villarosa stayed in a 5-star hospital allegedly because of life-threatening ailments one of which, reportedly necessitated lung surgery.  And yet, the hospital has refused to reveal details on his confinement.  The persistent rumor is that it is his wife, Representative Amelia Villarosa, who applied the political pressure to facilitate his freedom.  After my chat with Ding Quintos, the boys’ father, I am convinced more than ever that her personal relationship with the evil bitch influenced the Solicitor General’s Office and the Court of Appeals to reverse the conviction rendered by the lower court. Let’s pray that Ding’s entreaty for divine justice will not fall on some deaf ears within the Opus Dei of which he has long been a member.

*                                   *                                   *

       #0770, no less than the greatest sinners are urged to hear mass, to reconcile with God. Jun Lozada, assuming he was one such sinner, was wrongfully denied a mass for truth in Iloilo.  Ricardo Cardinal Vidal messed up once more, and there is no way his defenders can mitigate his scandalous behavior by claiming the red hat never issued a written order banning masses for Lozada within his diocese.  Holy Mackarel, as head of the dioceses, it was clearly his pastoral duty to publicly announce it was wrong to prevent Lozada from hearing mass.  But then, it is not really beyond my ken why a cardinal should frustrate Lozada’s search for truth in a growing maze of scandalous transactions involving wheeler-dealers between China and our country, courtesy of the administration.  Our parish churches have absolutely no right to blacklist Lozada from any of their services and activities, especially if we consider that the same reasons for which he is shunned are the same reasons the lives in his family have found no peace since he first blew the whistle.  It’s all about silver nuggets.  What else?

*                                   *                                   *

       Ha ha ha!  No, #4139, no way!  Good heavens!  Do you mean to tell me that Filipino folklore has it that anyone that imbibes so much as a drop from the Malacanang squatter’s urinal will remain under her evil hypnotic spell?!  And the first bite or drink creates a craving for more visits to the Palace, for more canapés, wines, etc.?  That’s preposterous!  But then, anything is possible when dealing with the evil bitch.  Yuck!


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