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Why not a jugular overthrow of Gloria et al?

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Why not a jugular overthrow of Gloria et al?
Ronald Roy  -February 21,2008

       Last Sunday after the Communal Mass at La Salle Greenhills, a certain Mon Hizon from Pampanga rang me up with a question, then put his 17-year-old daughter, Terry, on the line who followed up with a comment laced with queries. Well, let me share with you salient features of my interaction with them. Terry’s most pregnant questions was: “What is jugular? I sometimes hear it among people who hate the president.”

       “To go for the jugular” means to go for the throat, or to kill by cutting or puncturing the veins or arteries in the throat through which blood flows to and from the quarry’s head. In the case of the carotid veins, death is said to come in twenty seconds. Among wild forest beasts, it is self-preservation in action. But in the milieu of human politics, if nothing less gory is possible, it means the assassination of a tyrant to save an entire nation that has reached the end of its patience.  It is noteworthy that there is nothing by any known standard of democracy that prevents a sovereign people’s rights to kill a despot that rules them.  In fact, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson advocated jugular overthrows of tyrants.

       History is replete with such explosions of sovereign wrath, and in the case of our own despot, it is Jun Lozada (J Lo, for short) who now holds the proverbial matchstick that can set afire a bloody revolution, or trigger her outright assassination. Yes, Gloria, her husband and their allies, all perceived to be greedy beyond control, could be jugucated anytime by any group, patriotic or otherwise.

       As a jugular critic of Gloria Macapal Arrovo, I would prefer the metaphoric demise of her despotic regime, if only it were possible to convince her to resign.  The trouble is that she has repeatedly reminded us that God wants her to remain in power, thereby holding off naïve Catholic prelates in a demonized state of constant hypnosis. To set the record straight, I have never advanced her assassination, or even hoped for her death by accidental or natural causes, because Mr. Noli de Cashtro’s succession to the presidency would not bring about the socio-political reforms that we seek.

       For one thing, his technical and moral ineptness for the office would be highly suspect, if not utterly disastrous, not to mention the pervasive belief that he cheated Loren Legarda at the last electoral race for the vice presidency.  For another, we would never see a restitution of the billions of pesos Gloria and her allies are known to have purloined from the public coffers.  Under these circumstances, Terry, Gloria’s assassination would be the most moronic alternative, wouldn’t it?  But since she will never resign, a forcible takeover is an event I would happily welcome as a viable option, if push ever came to shove.

*                                   *                                   *

       #1829 asks what I think of Mr. Donald Dee whom J Lo has implicated to cover-up operations in the anomalous ZTE deal.  Well, during the Marcos years, I was both a cocktails chum and lawyer-friend of his older brother Dewey, Chairman and CEO of the now defunct Continental Marketing Corporation. Compared to Dewey who now lives in Canada as a political refugee, Donald appears to be earning the hatred of more Tsinoys than his brother ever did. And if he does get to file criminal charges against J Lo, he will confirm suspicions he is a business crony of the Arroyos and, as such may well find himself on the hit list of assassins.

*                                   *                                   *

       Lozada represents the thesis of truth as perceived by over 90% of the televiewing, listening and reading publics.  Those among the 10% who oppose him naturally represent the anti-thesis of that truth. Simply put, because those who contradict the truth-telling J Lo are liars like the tyrant they pay homage to, Donald Dee has just placed his life in jeopardy. He and J Lo come from similar Tsinoy roots but, unlike the latter, and apart from being a Gloria admirer, Dee has made it clear he is not grateful to the country which has made him a rich man, a country owned by mostly poor Filipino families.  Now, if this does not make this ingrate a favorite open-season quarry like a sitting duck among the malcontent, tell me what will.  And this caveat goes for others like him, #1829.

*                                   *                                   *

       #3006 asks when I  expect the regime of the despotic runt to fall by way of Gloria’s resignation, given the massive Makati rally last Friday and the Communal Mass that followed last Sunday at La Salle Greenhills, let alone the accelerating positive performance of the whistleblowing J Lo at the Senate hearings.  I think it should be clear by now, #3006, that GMA will NEVER resign, and no amount of people power can force her to do so. And even if her entire cabinet resigns en masse, she still will not step down because she can quickly fill up the resulting vacancies.  People need jobs, that’s why. Again, why will she never resign?  Because the resignation of a public servant is an honorable and decent act, and Gloria Macapal Arrovo is neither honorable nor decent. She is not, in fact, the people’s servant, but their evil oppressor.  A jugular armed takeover is the only viable option left, a scenario that is however extremely remote, for the following four reasons.

1. Our congressmen and senators will neither allow any impediment to a crossover to the parliamentary system, nor to the presidential ambitions of wannabes;
2. While over 90% of Filipinos are united for the purpose of booting GMA out of office, they are disunited in the background of their diverse political persuations.  Instead of being focused on Gloria as their one common enemy, they agitate hateful sentiments against the late Ferdinand Marcos (still honored by millions of Filipinos, like it or not) and Joseph Estrada (champion of millions of impoverished families, like it or not), and all their associates. Believe you me, Gloria is gloating on the sidelines gaining strength from our own disunity;
3. The armed component is confused and severely weakened by this disharmony, not to mention by US Ambassador Kristie Kenny’s revelation that Washington remains supportive of GMA’s government; and
4. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), another traditional uprising component, continues to show indecisive and timid leadership in galvanizing among the flock a courageous and moral preparedness to oppose the palpable evil that the fake president has infused into their lives.

       The new CBCP Statement — articulated by its president Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, while being FINALLY cognizant of Gloria as the most corrupt Filipino president and her government as among the most corrupt in the world — still lacks the essential confrontational anger. He should have gone to Malacanang to tell off the evil bitch something like this: “Look here, Mrs. Arroyo, you’d better go! Don’t you hear all that screaming clamor for your resignation? They don’t like you because you’re a fake president and an evil woman!  We of the CBCP have, for seven long years, given you the benefit of every doubt as to your governing abilities and integrity! We apologize to the nation for this judgment lapse. You’d better go!”

*                                   *                                   *

       #0947, no, I don’t think Archbishop Lagdameo’s call for a new brand of people power (being together, deciding together, planning together and praying together for the best interests of the country) is going to work.  You’re quite right in this regard. But I’d like to dissuade you AND OVER 40 OTHER TEXTERS from leaving the Catholic Church.  Jesus wants you to remain in it, and to pray for his priests, whether in error or not.  Pray for me too, for I may have been disrespectfully excoriating the bishops of late.  I believe the Lord already knows of our innermost frustrations, so that there is no more need to pray to Him about them.  Instead, I feel He wants us to move in a more confrontational direction against the evil we identified eight long years ago.  I think God wants us to be jugular. Now. 

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