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Today’s Pharisees whom Jesus condemned

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Today’s Pharisees whom Jesus condemned
Ronald Roy  -January 30, 2008

       The best way to understand administration officials is to analyze their words verbatim.  Better still is to hear them on television or radio. For quite sometime now, Gloria’s Chief Legal Adviser, Sergio Apostol, has been dishing out mouthfuls, like this one: “Bipor di praybit siktor imbented di tirminulugy ‘assestant sikritary’, dati na ang mga klirks yan na nabegyan ng magandang tetolo.” The foregoing quote was replayed on radio over two dozen times by dzBB SVP Mike Enriquez, and I had to hear it to believe it. Liberally translated into intelligible English, what Apostol meant to say was: “Before the private sector invented (coined, Mr. Apostol) the terminology (term, Mr. Apostol, because terminology is a system of terms) assistant secretary, those presidential appointees were actually mere clerks who were each given by Gloria the fake title of assistant secretary.”

       The question of Gloria’s abuse of her constitutional power to appoint, raised by outgoing Civil Service Commission chair Karina David, is no small matter. It is no transient brouhaha either, but a factual situation being described by the courageous CSC chair of the desperate ways of a despotic paranoid, a situation that will persist until the wicked leprechaun  is finally removed from office.  No, #9128, I am not denigrating Atty. Apostol for his English in both oral and written forms, but his evident struggle of self-expression in the King’s language seriously validates the lingering public suspicion that either he is not a lawyer or, if he is and he most likely is, he became one after twice as long as it normally takes an aspirant to hurdle the Bar examinations.  Mr. Apostol, are you one such “klirk na nabegyan ng magandang tetolo?”

       Looking at the bigger picture, #9128, we see a tyrant’s despoilment of public funds in the appointment of blockheads in the public service, and because reason cannot be expected from a cloddish president who cannot see beyond her survival self-interests, then by all means let us sit back and ponder how much longer our patience can hold out, before they concretize their plans to shift to the parliamentary system. The she-devil is tricky, mind you, or at least she thinks she is, as she believes she has convinced us that presidential elections will take place in 2010.

       The trouble is that the ambitious presidential wannabes believe her assurances that in 2010 she will step down and remain forever retired from politics. In a manner of speaking, nobody gets anywhere in life without a driving force known as ambition, and in answer to your query, #9128, ambition is good in that nobody gets to be his country’s president without being propelled by it. But it is bad if it brings him to the highest office at the expense of his country. Now, do you think it will be good for the country if the “presidentiables” make a wild scramble for the top seat in Malacaňang? When this happens, the country takes a back seat, right? And Gloria’s candidate will win, right? That is, of course, if elections do take place three years from now.

       But those elections will not happen because three people (hereinafter called the troika) have other things in mind. Gluttonous Gloria, devouring De Venecia, and rambling Ramos will respectively reinvent themselves as Prime Minister of the Republic of the Philippines, Prime Minister of the first Parliament of Asia, and roving plenipotentiary accredited by all nations of the world – with their respective ill-gotten hoards kept intact!! Yes, the troika are three greedy people who realize they stand if united or fall if divided, meaning, they lose EVERYTHING, their lives even, if so much as one backs out!

       Have you a better idea? Okay, let’s consider another scenario. The nation prepares itself for the 2010 elections, the improbable premise being that all the major opposition groups have agreed to support one candidate. Do you think the troika will stand by idly without resorting to any of its enormous arsenal to bring about such anarchic conditions as will confound the electoral process?  The troika’s disruptive weapons range from wherewithal, scare tactics, military and police brutality, garcillanos, bribery, bedols, blackmail, chavits, fire power, abalos’ ad nauseam.  So who can stop them? No one except – and I hate to say this – the Americans. However, they will not help us because those imperialists have plans of their own. But can’t we act without them? Yes we can, if we muster the courage to die for our cause. And who will lead us? The next leader will emerge from our collective will. . . and I guess you know who that is.

*                                   *                                   *

       Here is an anlogy, #8981.  For the past seven years, the corrupt mayor, councilmen and policemen of their town have been ransacking the municipal coffers and extrajudicially murdering media people, leftists and other dissenters.  The townsfolk are up in arms, but they are held back by their priests who tell them instead to cooperate with the mayor and his men for just another three years, after which everything will be fine. What these clergymen appear to be saying is: “There is no need to sue them in court. Just love and forgive them then way the Lord has commanded.”

       This town-sized hypothesis cannot evade the critical eye of any down-to-earth Christian who knows, by the grace of God, that Gloria and her ilk have lost their right to remain in office a minute longer. Even more horrifyingly mind-blowing of national proportions is the fact that 120 members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, not the municipal priests in our analogous case, are the real anti-people Rasputins (for lack of a better simile). 

       Last Tuesday, the broadsheets were littered with their hypocrisy and greed, and if I may wax apocalyptic, those #*@! bishops are proof we now live in the end times.  As reported by mainstream media, around the second week of January the #*@! bishops were dined, wined, and showered with cash gifts and other expensive items in Malacaňang, and all this lavish attention has since engendered a climate of symbiosis with the fr….n’ runt.  And if I may be allowed to avoid a deadly runaway pulse rate this moment, let me write: “You, bastards all in cassocks, are today’s Pharisees whom Jesus condemned outside the temple of his Father!” This, I declare to the exclusion of His Excellency, Archbishop Oscar Cruz, the Rev. Fr. Joe Dizon, and other prelates who have yet to voice out their righteous sentiments.

*                                   *                                   *

       Surprisingly, the conservative credit ratings agency, Moody’s, last Friday lifted its outlook for the country from stable to positive, saying that “better economic performance, including a stronger peso and lower interest rates, had enabled the Philippines to cut debt service payments,” thanks to the government’s reform programs, large remittances from overseas workers, a resilient (kuno) agricultural sector, a strong (kuno) consumer demand and a better (kuno) industrial performance all helped growth (kuno) in 2007.  Anyway, is this something to crow about?  Look again. When debt service payments are reduced like they allegedly were last year, billions in savings were realized by the government.  The question therefore to ask is: Where will all this money go this year, to the different public treasuries for public services, to private pockets, to private pockets and to more private pockets? 

       Frankly, I would not mind a brief respite by closing my eyes to dream the good news of a dramatic economic recovery, if at all it were possible to do so, given the stark reality of AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon’s warning – and this is the bad news – that the extension of his military service for the next three months is deemed imperative by intelligence findings to protect the state against all-out  armed offensives from insurgents. Kuno.

*                                   *                                   *

       For next week’s Comment, I’ll run a special feature on the Father of Philippine Chess, national master Florencio “Campo” Campomanes, President Emeritus of Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE), otherwise known in my book as the chess cat with nine lives.

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