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Behold,The Golden Graph!

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Behold,The Golden Graph!
Ronald Roy  -December  27, 2007

       You are absolutely right #4188. Since I started as a political writer around five years ago, I have never sourced from the internet anything that I might use for my commentaries. I do not find much stimulation from doing that. I depend largely on my still-expanding God-given wisdom, and on what I can learn from interaction with kin and kith, and readers and strangers whether hostile or not to my ideas, not to mention reading materials and TV and radio information. There is much excitement that I derive from these multiple sources, other than the internet of course, if only for their utter challenge to my “opinionatedness”.

       If there are things that Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. proved by linking Sen. Panfilo Lacson to the so-called coup attempt, they are 1) he is a bad sport who is piqued by the senator who has minced no words in vowing to block the general’s term-extension reportedly being planned by his commander in chief; 2) he insists that he deserves to be extended as a reward, despite being infamously tagged as responsible for numerous extrajudicial killings, abductions and disappearances, as well as being linked to the scandalous Hello Garci tapes; 3) he does not give a damn if the military ranks will be demoralized by an extension of his term; and 4) he is brazenly insensitive to the exacting norms of good conduct expected from men in uniform. And to think he has to set the example as the military’s highest ranking officer!

       Gen. Esperon, Jr., you talk about a certain document which you have called “Diamond  Statement”, supposedly obtained from participants in the failed military uprising last Feb. 24, where Lacson’s name was cited. So what? That’s a mere scrap of paper, even assuming it exists, because it does not show Lacson as a co-conspirator, for the reason that there was no conspiracy. Come on, Junior, the undeniable fact is that Sec. Lacson has long been regarded by millions of Filipinos as a top contender in the next presidential polls, as he was in the previous. Therefore, his name’s mention in that scrap of paper simply fortifies the participants’ belief in the senator’s credentials as a worthy leader of our country.

       A cursory perusal of the peace-and-order speeches of “President” Gloria Arroyo and the Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, delivered last Friday during the 72nd AFP anniversary at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, reveals hackneyed and self-serving encomnia heard in all previous anniversaries under GMA. Stellar in the programme was a verbal showcasing of the military’s alleged major role in the alleged growth of the Philippine economy, by an allegedly successful maintenance of peace and order, allegedly throughout the archipelago, as the nation slowly but surely surges towards an alleged socio-economic and political turnaround, allegedly by the year 2010.

       Much was mentioned about the “President’s” defense against the rebellious soldiers by her loyal soldiers, and about mutinous destabilizers being no different from communist insurgents ready to sacrifice the general welfare to quench their thirst for power. But nothing was said, because nothing could be said, about the factually chaotic peace and order situation. Economic crimes are rampant in the streets! Drug-related rapes, murders, homicides, tragic vehicular accidents, bag and cell phone snatchings, these and many other unreported crimes against property and chastity, are daily occurrences! Corruption at the highest-down-to-the-lowest levels of government is at its worst! How then can peace and order be proclaimed as an achievement by those who govern with greed, nincompoopery, injustice and repression?

       Really, I cannot help but remain stunned by Junior’s impudently facetious threat that he would show Lacson the incriminating “Golden Statement” if the Commission on Appointments would bypass his term extension. Equally fatuous is his commander in chief’s rejoicing over a survey finding that during the yuletide season, Filipinos are happy over the economic achievements under her watch.

       Hey, you little liar! We are happy, yes, but not about your so-called economic turnaround which is illusory! You cannot fool us, kiddo! Your economic performance chart shows a consistently downward line, marked by alternating short upsurges on the one hand, and prolonged deep plunges on the other. This graph, Gloria, captures the story of your betrayal of the Filipino people. Behold the Golden Graph demonstrating how Filipinos are fast losing the only country they own to foreign control with the help of your close relatives and favored cronies.

       Pray tell me, Madam “President”, aren’t Filipinos, by some pleasant quirk of nature, the happiest people in the entire world, particularly during Christmas time which starts, traditionally and commercially, in the third week of September, and ends after the first week of January? In the eyes of his creator, isn’t the Filipino a wonderfully patient creation, whose divine rescue from his despotic tormentor is forthcoming. And you and Junior know that, don’t you?!

       Good heavens, #3629! Of course, it is in the nature of opinion makers, such as those you will find in media to be in constant disagreement among themselves, and I am no different from them in that respect. But the important thing is that we often end up being respectfully fraternal to one another after a heated debate in private. Among the most profound intellectuals I’ve ever known as a humans being and a writer, was the late Adrian E. Cristobal, Sr.

       It was in 1950 when I, then an Ateneo high school student, went to U.P. Diliman to recreate in the Bowling and Billiards Hall. It was there where I bumped into Adrian who was 3 years my senior. It was a little chilly, having just rained, and so we decided to drink some coffee. Gazing at the rainbow that arched over the eastern sky, he suddenly asked me if I knew what lay over the “bahaghari”. I quipped, “You mean a king’s g-strings?” “Silly!” “Okay, okay, at the foot or at the end of the rainbow?” “Neither. Beyond, you know, as in over the rainbow.” Oh, as in the song? Whose version, Judy Garland’s or Sinatra’s?” “Ang corny mo naman Ronnie. Listen, you clown, after our earthly sojourn, somewhere over the rainbow is a cosmic station where we all go to pursue our search for answers!” Adrian gave me the goose pimples then, as he does now, as I recall that wacky repartee. But who knows? Perhaps that side of the rainbow is a happy place for you, my friend, who had such an unquenchable thirst for knowledge! God speed, Adrian, God speed!

       Reader Evelyn Corpusuelo texted me this message: “Sir, sometimes I don’t like the things you write. But I admire your composing talent. Can you write a melody about Sen. Miriam? I want her to be our next president.” Okay, then, Evelyn. Sing this one to the melody of the Lone Ranger, which was taken from one of my favorite Rossini overtures:

Tililing, tililing, tililing-ling-ling
Tililing, tililing, tililing-ling-ling
Tililing, tililing, tililing-ling-ling
Tililiiing, tililing-ling-ling!

A prosperous New Year to all!!

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