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All in the spirit of yuletide!

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All in the spirit of yuletide!
Ronald Roy  -December 21, 2007

       In deference to government’s traditional declaration of Tigil Putukan (ceasefire) this time of December, I will not be lowering the boom on the megalomaniac “President” and her exceedingly corrupt allies, whether in or out of government. However, I would like to give a common reply to numerous texters seeking a clarification on the early morning radio conversation that took place between “Vice President” Noli de Castro and our Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Eric Andaya.

VP Noli de Castro       The radio station put on the air the “Vice President” and the ambassador and, as they talked for something like three minutes, they completely forgot they were on the air, thereby unintentionally revealing the deeply guarded secret that their patroness is a megalomaniac. So, no matter what happens between Sunday, December 16 and now, December 21, the date of this article, I shall be nice to the political enemy by not going over the deep end, all in the spirit of yuletide.

       But what happened? Barely six-and-a-half hours after the truce, in a Palawan agora were gunned down by commies three unarmed marines. Around 20 members of the New People’s Army from Barangay Binga, San Vicente were identified as the treacherous ambushers. The soldiers had planned to buy food at the market, go to church and worship, and take construction materials to their outpost which needed to be repaired. Now, they are dead, thanks to the godless Maoists who still think they can bring down an entire nation to its knees at gunpoint. Hey you, Gloria, what’s the big idea about granting these Reds amnesty while denying the same to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his Magdalo followers? It must be true what people have long been saying: that you’re a communist in the vein of the late Ninoy Aquino. Can’t you shed off this image for the remainder of the truce—in the spirit of Christmas? Please?

       Readers #8999 and #1287 ask me my thoughts on media’s role in Philippine society. In the first place, I do not consider myself to be an authoritative-enough source of enlightenment. I have never been a professional journalist, and neither have I ever been a member of the National Press Club. However, in the past five decades of my public service as Landbank’s Information Department supervisor, Public Information Head of Rep. Jose J. Roy and later Chief of Staff of Sen. Jose J. Roy, I did gain a growing knowledge of media’s evolving duty and corresponding responsibility in their role as a “co-equal and coordinate fourth branch of government”. I now anchor my belief that all sectors of media should always take a moral and legal stand on the so-called “burning issues of the day”, having at heart, first and last, the general welfare.

       Take the Jalosjos case, some very significant features of which I still recall. I’m sorry to say that media mishandled their role when they joined the bandwagon that condemned a member of the Lower House for having abused his position when he statutorily raped an eleven year-old. Yes, media did succeed in portraying Jalosjos as a huge beast, a fiend, who mercilessly unleashed his lust upon a helpless and terrified child. I knew Romy quite well as gentleman who cut a figure in social, political and business circles. In accordance with my nature to give others the benefit of the doubt, I don’t hesitate to say that he never stole a single centavo in his life. Given his debonaire good looks and excellent command of the King’s language, he often caught many a lady’s fancy, and this proved to be his Achilles’ heel. In no time at all, an enterprising procurer “pimped off” his eleven year-old stepdaughter to the wealthy Cong. Jalosjos. The public official unwarily agreed to pay for the services of a pretty kid all dolled up to look like a sixteen year-old, what with long, red fingernails and all. Why and how was the pimp spared from punishment?

       The fact is Romy Jalosjos was an attractive-enough male to have women ogling askance at a filthy-rich swain, and certainly here was a self-assured man who knew he would never need to rape a woman for a quickie or a weeklong tryst in some faraway Caribbean island. The eleven year-old kid was a willing prostitute who had been sold by her own stepfather to other rich customers, and this was how the congressman got to know her: not a child but a sixteen year-old hooker. Under the circumstances, then Rep. Jalosjos should not have been convicted of statutory rape, or rape in any sense of the word. For, in statutory rape, it is essential that the rapist is aware—or misled into thinking through no fault of his— that the offended party is a child and not a woman, and the depravity of his error, if any, is thus measured by his candid appreciation of the surrounding facts. Rep. Romeo Jalosjos might have been an unfaithful husband, but he was neither a child molester nor a rapist.

       And now it looks bad, this Christmas time, for the “President” who has succumbed to the political noise generated by these male hypocrites who find it fashionable to condemn without casting the first stone, and those uppity women whose marital hang-ups have transformed themselves into man-haters. And what about those who were not yet born or were only about ten when the congressman fell prey to a scheming pander— they would be in their twenties and thirties by now— should we allow them to receive a Christmas blessing in the form of a hideous distortion of fact, a surreality? I rest my case.

       They’re up to their usual self-fumigating trick, to look good and smell good before the public, right after leaving behind a malodorous mess. Their problem is that people are so used to their stinky dung heaps that their Nazi style of deception just won’t work anymore. And it becomes even more unbearably malodorous as they have chosen this time of yuletide to dishonor the Babe by honoring fakes and frauds. Last Monday, three police generals and 20 other Philippine National Police personnel were commended by the Department of the Interior and Local Government Sec. Ronaldo Puno and PNP Director General Avelino Razon, Jr., in recognition of their exemplary acts that crushed the Manila Peninsula Hotel siege last Nov. 29. I have a choice between two manners of death: a heart attack or asphyxiation induced by laughing. And to make the situation more hazardous to my health, “Injustice” Sec. Raul Gonzalez and Presidential Legal Adviser Serge Apostol have joined the fray.

       First of all, Gloria realizes that the convicted Jalosjos is the political kingpin of Zamboanga (del Norte or del Sur), what with all his personal wealth, charisma, etc. — a good political catch for her, one might say. Secondly, she knows that her power to grant clemency is her exclusive constitutional prerogative, absolutely exercisable whether the prisoner is over or below 70 years of age. Thirdly, wouldn’t he become a huge political asset to her in all her future survival strategies? And fourthly, what better way is there to make him grateful than to grant him the blessings of the Republic’s “President” this time of year? But no, two overaging lawyers, presumably card-bearing members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Apostol and Gonzalez, have barged into the act.

       For his part, Serge “Your Wetness” Apostol unduly preempted the “President” by announcing that she had heeded the clamor of various sectors opposing the release of Jalosjos from the national penitentiary—a “clamor” that existed only in his mind. For Gonzalez’s part, the doddering fogey announced without prior consultation that his “President” had wanted the 67 year-old Jalosjos to remain jailed until he turns seventy. In the generous spirit of Christmas, I wish to recommend each to Apostol and Gonzalez a daily diet of large doses of bulalo, whey milk and duck eggs— food guaranteed to arrest, if not reverse, such mental aberrations as senility, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, hallucinations, and the like.

       There is no place for crybabies in sports. We could have placed more decently in the final standings of the recently concluded SEA Games had our athletes, principally the boxers and their officials, along with other sympathetic participants, not staged unsporting walkouts. Infinitely more precious than a gold medal is how a sportsman comports himself in the field of battle, nay, in the field of diplomacy as an ambassador of goodwill. But emotionalism took the better of our athletes and their leaders. So what if we lose in the medal race? Is not drawing immeasurable satisfaction the whole point in athletic contests; if slugged once in the face, to slug back twice, to fight to the finish?! This is what the Olympic spirit is all about, the finest Christmas message we can give all our aspiring young sportsmen and women. Incidentally, I think a change in the medal format will help curb intermittent squabbles among competing countries. Let gold, silver and bronze count for three points, two points and one point respectively.

       Merrier Christmas and a Happier New Year to Her Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cebu! Peace and Goodwill to all the sovereign people of the Philippines! And to Tiger Woods, the icon of all five golfing races and the idol of frustrated putters like me, thanks for making 2007 a most exciting year. I challenge you to “jolens” in 2008, 18 holes, any course of your choice!

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