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Congratulations, megalomanic Gloria!

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Congratulations, megalomanic Gloria!
Ronald Roy  -December 13, 2007

       Early morning last Saturday, I heard on radio a live conversation taking place between “Vice President” Noli de Castro and Philippine ambassador to Kuwait Eric Andaya, while “President” GMA was in Europe still undecided to extend her junket to appeal to Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah on behalf of the condemned OFW Marilou Ranario. Mr. Andaya clearly said, “It’s now a done deal. Sufficient blood money has been offered and received, and the emir will spare her life as a matter of course!” De Castro then excitedly replied, “I shall now make the announcement to the Filipino people so that…” “No, no don’t do that Mr. Vice President! President Arroyo will break the news to the nation after she sees the Emir! You know very well she hates being upstaged!”, he butted in. Ambassador Andaya was of course right in reading the presidential mind. Nobody but nobody steals thunder from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

       A nephew of mine, a U.S. trained Jesuit who’s here for a Christmas break, apparently had his radio tuned on the same program when he phoned me to ask if Gloria was a megalomaniac. I replied, “Father Robert (Luna), Gloria is an inveterate megalomaniac just as you’ve guessed. It’s in her nature to take total credit for anything like, in this case, for saving Ranario’s life even if it was already saved before she even flew to Kuwait.” For the benefit of the less informed, megalomania refers to the infantile feelings of omnipotence, especially when retained in later life. This is the dominant behavioral trait she consistently portrays in public. Indeed, what leadership by example is there to expect from a megalomaniac?

       And what better proof is there of this psychotic condition than her latest declaration made before English businessmen that she is a “good economist”? Excuse me, dear readers, I cannot think straight at this point; so I’ll laugh for awhile. That done, well of course I will defend and uphold her constitutional right to be atrociously silly by defining herself as a good economist. Her problem, however, is that she is at her nadir of credibility, albeit non-Filipinos, like Englishmen, do not see her this way, petite and innocuous-looking as she is. Born to the trappings of political power, there is no question Gloria has mastered the art of exuding political charisma, especially as it is accentuated by her unique physical attributes of height (or the lack of it) and cosmetic good grooming. It’s a bit curious, however, that in her recent photo with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in central London, she did pathetically appear to be wearing an outlandishly burgundy bathrobe.

       Reader #5136 wishes to encourage me to “give the ‘President’ a generous view since, after all, it is not her fault corruption has gone well out of her control”. Madam, perhaps it is your being a citizen of the Republic of Cebu that disables you from seeing GMA as incapable of leading by example. Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2007 in cluded the Philippines in the top countries with the highest incidence of petty bribery and, at the rate taxpayers’ money continues to be wantonly used for Gloria’s obscene jetset lifestyle, wouldn’t there be every reason to expect corruption to worsen throughout her governance? Leadership by example is all about basic decency. In particular, it transcends the rudimentary principle of prudent management of public funds and taxpayers’ money. It goes deep into the very heart and soul of governance in all its aspects.

       Last December 10, I was not at all certain that GMA and her subalterns knew how to celebrate International Human Rights Day. They could have done so, as they probably did, with perfunctory lip service. We are bored to death with her repeated boast that by 2010 she will have crushed the 77 year-old communist insurgency in the country. The obsequious military, while knowing this to be an impossible task, will nonetheless go through the setting up of Gestapo-like blockades and checkpoints, impose travel restrictions, and carry out political murders and abductions of the Left.

       It is quite touching, albeit a little late I fear, that Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said on the auspicious International Human Rights Day that it would be virtually impossible for Gloria Arroyo and her allies to regain public trust, respect and credibility, because they are the prime violators of human rights. It certainly would have mattered, decisively perhaps, if he, the CBCP and all the Cardinals, had much earlier taken such a confrontational stance against the Palace squatter. His Grace obviously minced no words when he declared administration people “morally bankrupt” because of escalating allegations of bribery and other financial anomalies.

       Then, too, Gloria and her debauched allies continue to play deaf to the Melo and Alston reports, not to mention their brazen defiance of the Supreme Court’s determination to prove it means business in the matter of extra-judicial killings and political disappearances. And to show that it does, the High Tribunal under Chief Justice Reynato Puno has introduced what is now known as the Writ of Amparo which, it is however disheartening to note, administration officials have not taken to heart. Pray tell me, Ms. #5136, why I should call “President” Arroyo a leader by example—she who is too proud to endorse a legislative amendment, revision or repeal of the Oil Deregulation Law, a statute which she authored as a senator for the stabilization of prices of gasoline and other petrol products!

       Incidentally, just last Sunday the cost of US$98 per barrel of crude oil dramatically plunged to US$83 per barrel—and yet our oil companies claimed that, the drop notwithstanding, they were constrained to increase their pump prices by  6 per liter for gasoline. What, #5136, can you now say about Gloria’s “expert” recycling of a long-retired military general as an energy czar? No, it would be useless to demand Mr. Angelo Reyes’ resignation, because this is the reward he insists he has earned for undying loyalty to his “President and commander-in-chief”. Again, this festering eternal appetite among recycled former generals, better known in the vernacular as “walang kabusugan”, rears its monstrous head. To be sure, there are other monstrous heads in Gloria’s coterie of military and civilian retirees—and please don’t pretend you don’t know who they are, #5136.

       Nobody needs to be told, least of all the overwhelmingly megalomaniac Gloria, how the scandalously huge outlays of taxpayers’ money have, for the past two years, so drained the budget of the Office of the President (OP) as to deny executive assistance to priority undertakings, such as for the current SEA Games where our athletes have performed dismally. As culled from the Commission on Audit’s report on the OP, Gloria is an extravagant spender not only for her perverse travel pleasures, but also for her entourage comprising 28 of her select favorites in Congress, including children, grandchildren and their nannies.

       In 2006, she visited 13 countries including America, Finland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Cuba, spending  398 million for the purpose. Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño criticized “President” GMA on her just-concluded European junket comprising around 30 House members, who would certainly not have spent their own money for the high-end trip, judging on the basis of their statements of assets and liabilities. Heck, what could be more obscene than having our hand-to-mouth countrymen finance Gloria’s realization of her delusions of grandeur?! She once promised she would lead by example! Well, promises are easily made, but keeping them is quite another thing, most especially in the case of a megalomaniac.

       Police brutality, although not exactly a worrisome phenomenon in other countries, has alarmingly gone out of hand, as confirmed by front-page items last Tuesday. In what appeared to be a very minor traffic altercation, Sr. Inspector Jethro Jason Lim, assigned to the CIDG-NCR, inexplicably pistol-whipped the driver of former Bulacan governor Josie dela Cruz in Brgy. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City, and shot up her Mitsubishi Pajero which, luckily, was bullet-proofed. Lim has reportedly disappeared. Then of course there were those three Batasan blast suspects who recanted their testimonies because they were allegedly tortured by elements of the Philippine National Police. What is there then to hope for in as country ruled by force and not by law, when no less than Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim were roughed up and verbally abused by, you guessed it, cops?! And who is ultimately responsible for this sad state of affairs involving goons in uniform? You guessed it right.

       Pulse Asia’s latest survey has announced the results in its search of the most corrupt president in the history of this country. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not at all happy over what she calls “biased” findings by the survey group. Anyway, because you’re numero uno—which is all that matters to a megalomaniac, let me cheer: hip, hip hooray (3x)!

       And, as for you my friend Mrs. Brenda, Gloria’s staunch defensor…I mean, defender…I cheer: hip, hip tililing, hip, hip tililing, hip, hip tililing!

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