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Our crisis is caused by a paranoiac refusal to recognize Trillanes as a duly elected senator

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Our crisis is caused by a paranoiac refusal to recognize Trillanes as a duly elected senator
Ronald Roy  -December 6, 2007

       The fourteen year old identified herself only as Lulu, the usual nickname for Maria Lourdes or Malou for short, and revealed her family’s deep devotion to the Lady of Lourdes ever since her great grandmother had been blessed by the miraculous water from the Lady’s grotto decades ago. She now worries  “Mama Mary may bless the evil president  and punish Trillanes xxx my dad hopes to read your comment on this matter, tnx”.

       Well, Lulu, it is not for any third party to dissuade the Lady from entertaining any prayers brought before the sacred grotto. She, and she alone, will know how to handle the visit of GMA and her group who knelt last Sunday before her statue. All I can say is that she does not say yes all the time. No less than Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and France’s own Napoleon Bonaparte, some of history’s bad men, also sought propaganda mileage by kneeling at the same grotto, only to reach their political ends in ignominy. Gloria is, in my opinion, headed in the same direction. We should not necessarily be swayed by anybody’s manner of worship, specially in her case.

       One mistake of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, if one can call it that, is that his overzealousness to save a perishing democracy took the better of the lesson: That a popular revolt, or a coup d’etat, will never succeed without an attendant critical mass of people, solid support from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and a reliable armed backup. That these three components did not coincide at the Manila Peninsula Hotel siege last week explains why the march of Sen. Trillanes and his supporters out of the Makati City Regional Trial Court was doomed even before it started.

       He and his fellow uniformed comrades tried their daring act in 2003 by holding Oakwood at gunpoint to present legitimate grievances to the runty Palace squatter, but failed. Nevertheless, the sovereign people should credit the valorous young senator with sterling heroism when he again stunned us all last week. Indeed, his risk of personal life should show him up as an authentic patriot fighting the abuses of a despotic regime. His cause, shared by a great majority of Filipinos, will never die, and it is precisely Gloria’s awareness of the imperishable nature of this cause that exacerbates her paranoia and panic, bringing her to issue an order leading to an overkill by her agents who responded with knee-jerk armed and physical force during the hotel standoff, along with a mindless rough up of media personalities and elderly people.

       In a word, the paranoiac Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is destructive and self-destructive, as have been other despotic leaders like her. Her reward system is pretty much in full swing as shown with the recent Supreme Court appointment of Teresita de Castro, chair of the Sandiganbayan that convicted former President Joseph E. Estrada. No, expect her never to loosen her grip on her survival methods.

       Another reason why she must be viewed as a palpably dangerous paranoid is her defiant refusal to recognize the electoral mandate for Lt. Antonio Trillanes IV to shed off his legal status as a soldier so that he may continue his service of country in a new role. Ever since his election as a senator, he has yet to be allowed to regularly perform his legislative duties. Instead, he has been unlawfully subjected to the custody and disciplinary authority within the military establishment, the head of which is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her capacity as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

       Here, we see the military establishment in direct collision with the sovereign people’s electoral mandate for Trillanes to be released from his duties and responsibilities as a soldier, so that he can perform his duties and responsibilities as a senator. Here, we see that the President never intended to treat Trillanes as a senator, but as a mere Lieutenant in the AFP, in supercilious insistence she is higher than the Filipino people. Here, we see that she holds national elections in visceral mockery and disdain, and that “this man is not a senator but a mere soldier, under my power, who must be tried and punished for his mutinous acts in our ordinary courts of justice”.

       Thus, on that fateful Thursday last week, Sen. Trillanes was correct in ignoring the Makati Regional Trial Court, walking out therefrom as he did, because said court had neither jurisdiction over his person nor over the alleged offenses. Indeed, Sen. Trillanes could not and cannot be held for trial for all Oakwood and Peninsula Hotel-related wrongdoings because, upon his senatorial election, his military status ended, and whatever legal authority the commander in chief had over him was ipso facto superceded by direct sovereign will. In fine, military or presidential assertion of authority over Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV violates two constitutional fundaments: separation of powers and checks and balances.

       It is thus clear that the current prevailing political unease did not result from the acts of Sen. Trillanes, Brig. General Danny Lim and all their followers, but from the ruthless and unconstitutional refusal of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to recognize Mr. Trillanes as a duly elected Senator of the Republic. She will pay hard for the unconscionable depravity that placed in jeopardy the lives of innocent civilians, some of whom in their late 70’s, like former Vice President Teofisto Guingona and Bishop Emeritus Julio Labayen. Certainly, the acts of those monsters in uniform are her acts.

       Everytime a putsch fails, it is fashionable to condemn if not castigate the putschists, with a hindsight that is, well, always a 20-20 vision. A prominent example is the case of Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa City who has openly criticized Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias and Infanta, Quezon Bishop Emeritus Julio Labayen. It is unfortunate that Archbishop Arguelles, a man of God, seems unable to discern the evil that the GMA regime is. He could have at least kept quiet his reservations about his two colleagues who, in the book of Filipino freedom fighters today, are among the outstanding prelates over the horizon.

       Your Excellency, you say that while you agree with the goals of Bishops Tobias and Labayen, you disagree with the means taken by them. Like their walking out of the court hearing? Your Excellency, it never occurred to you that the regional trial court concerned deserved your castigation instead? As an ethical rule, I do not contradict other opinion makers. But because you are a priest, a high profile one at that, to whom the flock of my faith look up to. I am respectfully sorry to have to make this rejoinder.

       Again, with due respect and reverence, you seem to have ignored the other side of public debate, whereby fourteen senators say curfew violated the Fundamental Law; ASEAN Journalists back the National Press Club’s defense and upholding of press freedom; and the ongoing sojourn of GMA and her entourage through Europe is viewed as an immoral and callous display of elitist comfort during these times of acute economic want sweeping across the impoverished sector of our society!

       And what do you now say that a nationwide manhunt is on for the missing anti-administration Capt. Nicanor Faeldon, with a bounty of seven figures over his head, along with three other pro-people sympathizers, while Commission on Elections Supervisor from the Republic of Maguindanao Lintang Bedol has been allowed to disappear lest he be indicted for electoral sabotage, a heinous crime, which would surely impel him to spill the beans?! Etcetera?! And, by the way, you finally made the headlines. Are you happy now? I rest my case— for the time being.

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