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Who masterminded the rub out of Bubby Dacer?

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Who masterminded the rub out of Bubby Dacer?
Ronald Roy -November 15, 2007

       Four dead and still counting! Official investigators have turned up leads tending to single out the late Rep. Wahab Akbar as the sole target in the Batasan Complex bomb blast. It’s unfortunate innocent people were hurt and killed. But then, the innocent are sacrificed in revolutionary bombings. It makes more sense to me that  Rep. Edgar San Luis, Rep. “Mutt” Defensor and lawyer Roel Pulido were the intended quarries, but why it did not happen that way still hangs in the air. Could the plotters have meant hitting two birds with one stone?

       Expectedly, receiving a lot of flak and praise was last Friday’s comment on the scriptural doctrine of Catholics that good and evil spirits do assume human forms. Bolstering this belief is the sainted stigmatist Fr. Pio who, in his recent lifetime, often saw the daytime sky darkened by innumerable demons hovering over the planet in a daring objective to win and take souls away from God. Non-Catholic and “born-against” Christian ministries were among the skeptical observers of what I wrote. But instead of dealing with them, I shall try to conciliate between two arguing college students from Assumption Convent.

       One is anti-Gloria and the other is fiercely pro-Gloria, and the issue threatening their friendship is whether Satan or a demon masquerades in the body of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo—a thesis which I got a Roman Catholic priest to recognize as probable, given the fact that as a national leader, in whom the evil spirit dwells, the despot is in the most destructive position to render decadent Philippine society. The question these two girls now want me to resolve is whether guardian angels assume human forms. Well, ladies, I think all guardian angels will not hesitate to appear as humans whenever they deem it necessary, as when they rescue their wards from physical harm. The following is my experience.

       Sometime in the early nineties, I was driving westward when a motorcycle cop stopped me with an order to turn right on Taft Avenue. I did as told and parked five meters away from the curb, wondering what traffic rule I had violated and how much he would demand I cross his palm with. I opened my door, turned my head around, and gave him a long, angry and irritated look. Dusky, bushy-browed and standing at over 6’ 3”, he motioned me to drive on and walked back to his motorcycle. As I started to drive away, I heard behind me the unmistakable explosion of vehicles colliding. I applied the brakes and jumped out, and what I saw was a horrible, heart-stopping scene: the yellow cab that had been following two cars behind mine was now ablaze as it lay crushed between a cargo truck and a container van.

       Around a week later as I was entering a bookstore, I saw the same policeman smiling and waving at me as he went through the exit lane with other shoppers. He wore faded blue jeans and a plain off-white T-shirt, and had a large wooden rosary with a wooden crucifix dangling under his neck. I immediately raced after him. There were only six people between us, and surely this behemoth would be noticeable with head and shoulders well over any crowd of average Filipino height. But he was gone, my muscular and now-unhelmeted guardian angel sporting a crew cut—a holy spirit who was assigned to me at the moment of my conception in my mother’s womb, and has since never left my side for the past 72 years.

       Also, my dear quarrelsome Gloria ally, you accuse me of not being courteous to the “President of the Republic”. But why should I, when she is a bogus president who continues to defy the sovereign will? Yes, I am Catholic, but that doesn’t mean I should lick the boots of our tax-exempt and lip-service cardinals and all the other church prelates (except for some outspoken critics of Gloria like Father Joe and Bishop Oscar Cruz). And I am sorry to say that a proportionately expanded list of Filipino cardinals, as proposed by Sen. Joker Arroyo, will only strengthen Lucifer’s hand in this country which registers the highest number of Catholics in Asia. Why so? Because more “red hats” will mean more “pro-poor” projects to be funded from people’s money, which will likely go to the newly appointed cardinals’ private coffers anyway, thereby ensuring further the collapse of our overwhelmingly Catholic economy. The Devil’s game plan is working, thanks to the Catholic clergy who become wealthier by keeping her in power.

       #1666, thanks for asking me to join your bible-reading non-Catholic ministry, but I don’t agree that your Holy Book sessions will give me what you call an “authentic understanding of God” if I leave the Catholic Church. In spite of the errors of leading Catholic priests, I’ve been hearing mass everyday for more than a quarter of a century, listening to the day’s epistle, homily and related psalms—which is more than I can accomplish by reading the bible alone. Let me just put it this way: Not all the errant Catholic clergymen in the world can make me believe that the Catholic Church is not the true Church established by Jesus Christ. Oh, we do have bible-reading classes which, however, are not compulsory.

       Yes, #2219, the controversy swirling around the embattled former President Erap has not abated, and I agree with you that he has made a correct decision not to join a group of presidents led by the incumbent bogus Chief Executive Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for only one reason: the presence therein of former President Fidel V. Ramos. Erap can only regard with disdain the egotistical and self-proclaimed “elderly statesman” whose alleged salted dollar accounts abroad and other possessions unlawfully acquired while in office are objects of public suspicion, and whose paranoia about Erap’s undiminished charisma showed when he recently bragged that he would handily trash Erap in a presidential election showdown anytime. Hrrumph…what else can a panicky old man do in his waning days except to whistle in the dark, knowing that the common-survival troika of Gloria, Speaker JDV and himself will soon crumble?!

       Come on, #7619, will you not defend your home with your own life? That is exactly what the pardoned Erap Estrada meant when—faced by what he deems as an unjust forfeiture of all his honestly acquired possessions, personal and real, including his homes and other pieces of realty—he remarked, “Magkakapatayan muna kami.” Obviously, you are a viscerally hateful elitist, and this obnoxious trait of yours showed when you texted me “…you are wasting your time with the murderer of Bubby Dacer.” For your information, Mr. and Ms. whoever-you-are, I was a personal friend of Bubby who confided to me at the Manila Hotel— a day before he disappeared— a lot of things proving that then President Joseph Estrada could not have issued any order for his rub out. It was another high-profile politician who had him liquidated and who, if he is reading this now, may very well start planning to silence me forever. But I’d like him to know this will only worsen matters for him, because I am keeping in a secret place somewhere in the metropolis my own hand-written and signed statement identifying the mastermind of Bubby’s liquidation, and mentioning his felonious motive and other relevant details. For their protection, I have made sure not one of my relatives will ever get to know about the mystery in which Bubby’s gruesome death remains shrouded in, unless and until disclosure is compelled by circumstances beyond my control. A retired general is keeping this document with a request for him to make public the same, in case “anything happens to me or any of my kin under highly unusual circumstances”. So there, #7619, there’s your complete answer.

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